10 things you probably didn’t know about Imagen


    10 things you probably didn’t know about Imagen

    You already know Imagen is a world class Enterprise Video Platform.

    You know that Imagen enables content owners to catalogue, store & distribute their A/V assets in a branded web interface.

    You know ‘It’s a corporate YouTube’, ‘a brandable Netflix’, ‘a Video WordPress’.

    It’s all these things – but did you know…


    Imagen started life as a digital image archive built for the MOD during the first Gulf War (1990-1991)
    In those days Imagen used analogue laser discs to store images and a homegrown Unix database to store data. The system has been upgraded a few times since then. In fact, for nearly a quarter of a century, Imagen has been the platform used by the MOD to store and protect millions of classified media assets. We’re not allowed to say any more.
    Imagen hosts the world’s largest catch-up TV service (over 1 million programmes)
    In collaboration with BUFVC, JISC and BBC, Imagen provides a networked Enterprise Video Recorder and Distribution platform for 56 Universities and Colleges in the UK. Any of the 200,000 subscribing users can schedule TV recordings using a browser based programme guide. All recordings are stored indefinitely and can be accessed by staff or students for educational purposes. With 180,000 programmes already available on-demand, from January 2014, the BBC will make an additional 900,000 TV and radio programmes available to the archive to make it the largest catch-up TV system in the world!
    Create a new video record on the move – straight from your smartphone
    Launch your ImagenWeb application on an iOS device and select “Create Record”. You are then prompted to input basic metadata, following which you have the option to either upload existing content from a file on the device or start filming immediately. Once you stop recording, this video is immediately uploaded, processed and made available. 
    Harry Enfield starred in a cinema advert for an Imagen archive
    In a lottery funded project British Pathe tasked Imagen with digitising their archive. Imagen was used to generate and manage 3500 hours of video and 15 million still images. The public facing website represented the world’s largest online news archive at the time it was launched in 2002. It enabled British Pathe to monetise an enormously valuable collection of films while low resolution versions were made available to the general public and schools. To promote this significant new resource, Harry Enfield starred in a typical ‘Mr Cholmondley-Warner’ style cinema advert complete with a Bakelite computer.
    You can add spatial annotations to video 
    You can tag images on just about any social media site (and in Imagen too) – but did you know you could add spacial annotations to your video as well – the annotation text allows your users to not only find the most relevant part of the video, they can even see the relevant person/item highlighted on screen.
    The Cambridge Imaging website is built using Imagen
    Imagen’s built in content management system allows us to create new pages on the fly, host instructional videos, add promotional material and much more. The industry phrase is ‘eating your own dog food’. Take a look at
    www.imagenevp.com website.fw
    You can import legacy databases and archives

    We’ve been at the forefront of digital asset management for the last 20 years. In that time we’ve been through a number of challenging, large scale projects and have used Imagen to successfully migrate a number of legacy databases and archives. Imagen features a series of useful tools which can be used to import metadata, apply schema mappings, search storage for associated media and finally execute workflows – for thousands of videos, image and audio files at any one time.

    Imagen has won two awards in as many months

    In September 2014, Imagen won the award for services at the IABM Design & Innovation Awards ceremony in Amsterdam. Then in October 2014, Imagen won the award for workflows at the TVB Awards in London. Can Imagen make it three in a row at the Peter Wayne awards? 


    You can edit video in Imagen and add geo-locations to sections of video
    It’s not just a great media asset management and delivery platform, Imagen offers tools to let you edit long form video and create new unique searchable clips. You can also add geo-location to your video timeline. When your users search the online archive they can find the precise point in the video which corresponds with the geo-coordinates.
    You can burn logos, metadata and timecodes into your media.
    It’s easy to add watermarks to your media – to brand and protect your video, but you can also burn in metadata (such as the programme title or record ID) to help you and your customers identify a particular media item. Burned in timecodes also offer a useful reference for your customers if they are referring to a specific section of video. You can even add pre-rolls to your video, so there’s no doubting where it originates and the terms of use..
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