7 key considerations when evaluating video management solutions

7 key considerations when evaluating video management solutions

We recently explored the issues with managing business video and how to overcome them. Video has arguably become the preferred method to communicate, by organisations and consumers alike and with this comes a management burden.

In a recent blog, we talked about the main business uses of video and predictions for the future. Featuring insights from the likes of Gartner and Cisco, it looks like the video trend is here to stay with the range of uses, video volumes and file sizes all on the up.

With all of this in mind, implementing a video management solution is the obvious way to overcome these issues and prepare for the future. But it’s not that simple.

Key considerations

We’ve constructed an infographic (below) about the 7 key things to look out for in a video management platform, and what to consider in order to make the best choice. It isn’t just a case of your immediate requirements; by taking a step back, and thinking ‘outside of the box’ you can make sure that you choose a solution which ensures longevity.

Imagen Infographic

Next steps – getting buy-in

Sometimes, the issue isn’t knowing what’s required from a video management platform; it’s getting buy-in from your organisation to invest. Our business case guide will help you construct a case in terms that even the board will understand, making a project that may not look commercially attractive at first glance into quite the opposite.


Get a feel for the extent to which our platform would meet your needs by seeing it in action.

Request a personalised, no-obligation tour and begin to understand the power of your video footage when supported by the right solution.

Charlie Horrell

Charlie joined Imagen in April 2017 as CEO after a successful track record at a range of blue chip businesses in the UK, Europe and Asia. With a career that has focussed on driving businesses within the digital, technology and media space, Charlie brings with him exceptional leadership and commercial experience.

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