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Blogs are dead – long live the vlog

(Before I do anything else, I’m going to start with a disclaimer to say that I do realise the irony of writing a text-based blog post telling you that vlogs are better. I can only apologise.) These days, pretty much any company worth their salt has some kind of blog. They’re easy to set upRead more

Why your marketing campaign needs video

We can’t emphasise enough the importance of video in your marketing campaign. So much so that we’ve already talked about why video is better than text in a previous blog post (have a look at The hidden power of video to find out more) where we pointed out that our brains process video faster than textRead more

Why video can make people sit up and pay attention to your corporate comms

    If you’ve ever worked for anyone else, chances are that at some time or another you’ve had to deal with corporate comms. Emails, meetings and the dreaded PowerPoint presentation, usually on dry, financial-related subjects that, to be brutally honest, your average employee probably isn’t all that interested in. So how can we makeRead more

Turn your online videos into cold, hard cash

So, you’ve used Imagen to build yourself a branded website to host your videos. The next step is to make some money out of it. But how, exactly, do you make that happen? Here are our top five tips for making cash from your content. 1. Use videos to sell your products Okay, so thisRead more

Teaching and technology – how we can improve the way students learn using video

Back when I was at school (which is more years ago than I care to mention), watching a video in the classroom was a special treat – something that generally only happened on Friday afternoons (my favourite was the history teacher who used to show us Blackadder videos – although he may be the reasonRead more

Entering the world of video production

Making your first video can be pretty nerve-racking. What should it be about? Where should I film it? Lucky for us there’s loads of advice out there on the internet around video production. To save you the time and trouble of trawling around to find it (as well as any chewed fingernails), we’ve put togetherRead more

viral marketing

Ten top tips for getting your video to go viral

We love to think that videos going viral is something that happens all on its own. That internet users come across something they think is awesome and, before you know it, they’ve shared it so much that everyone’s talking about it. Unfortunately that just isn’t the case. Even the best videos need a bit ofRead more

Power of video

The hidden power of video

If you’ve got a website, chances are you spent quite a lot of time getting the words right. And while that’s important, if you aren’t using audio-visual material on there as well, you could be doing yourself out of valuable click-throughs. Whatever information you want to give your customers – whether it’s instructions on howRead more

Cloud archiving – is it for you?

A few years ago, ‘clouds’ were just fluffy things in the sky that rain came out of. And although they’re still that, when we talk about cloud these days we often mean something entirely different – systems and software that no longer lives on our desks, in our server rooms or on our networks butRead more


What’s your storage strategy?

You’ve spent time, money and effort creating videos for your customers on how to use the newest edition to your product line. They’re out on the web waiting for people to watch, share and download them. You might think you can sit back and relax. But there are two things you probably haven’t thought aboutRead more