The Best of Live and Archive for Fans and Broadcasters – Imagen v6

Imagen v6 enables rights holders to market and distribute live and archive sports content to broadcasters or production companies, whilst engaging with sport fans through social.

From Live to Archive

Imagen v6 accelerates the convergence of live and archive workflows, to deliver more efficient and economically scalable cloud based media management. From Live to Archive, find out how you can reach out to a new audience and do more with your media using Imagen v6.

Why the rise of near-live pirated sport content points to an underexploited business opportunity

Fans want access to near-live content as quickly as possible. Despite the surge in pirated and user-posed content, there is an opportunity for sports content owners and distributors to capitalise on.

video hosting

Understanding the risks of public video hosting vs your own secure video platform

In recent years, businesses have become increasingly reliant on video – whether for operational use, internal communications and/or brand promotion. As a result, the processes and technology used to manage and distribute these increasing volumes of video is becoming a crucial issue. Here are 4 key reasons public video hosting isn’t the quick fix you might have hoped.

5 reasons why a good media management platform is crucial for preserving your brand

The statistics speak for themselves; the ability to quickly distribute promotional video content online is key to the success of your marketing efforts. It’s where your audience are, it accounts for a big chunk of your marketing budget – here’s how to make the whole process much more efficient.

Understanding Video Monetization Platforms

Video monetization platforms are not rare. But to find a service which suits exactly what your business needs is a little more complicated.

The Tape -Time is running out

200 million hours of irreplaceable audiovisual content are at risk of being lost forever. If we don’t act fast, 50% of that could disappear within just 10 to 15 years…

Leicester fans in Lampang – entertaining a new global fanbase

Breaking all the rules Once upon a time you supported the club of the town where you were born – it was your team for life. It was the unwritten rule – through rain and shine, promotion and relegation. For better or for worse you were stuck with it. Narrowly avoiding relegation season after season is noRead more

How we set the standard for second generation MAMs (for those who care) and what that means for everyone else

MAM systems were originally developed as a response to the niche requirements of the broadcast, defence and archive sectors. The solutions have matured significantly in the last decade and are now ideally poised to respond to the challenge of managing the growth of video assets generated the world over. As Jonas Engström of Mayam remarkedRead more