Why take the risk? How your organisation can learn from Google and avoid internal video leaks. 

Handling a large collection of sensitive video assets can be stressful for organisations if they don’t have the right tools. Whether it’s Town Hall meetings or other video recordings, a lack of control can spell trouble for security, compliance and the reputation of the brand. 

From loss of files to loss of revenue, the cost of poor media management can be catastrophic for businesses. As recently as this month, Google saw firsthand the potential for fallout when an internal video leaks on the internet – even as you read this, related stories about the leak continue to be written about its contents in the aftermath.  


If it can happen to Google, it can happen to you!


To maintain control of your internal media content and avoid your own press nightmare, a reliable media management solution is essential. When researching your own solution, it is important to look for the following three capabilities: 


  • Corporate authentication 

Integration with your organisation’s current authentication protocol such as single sign-on. This saves a lot of time and removes a lot of complication. This process registers your existing network of users to the media management system saving you and your users from a separate registration process. From there you can start to develop user-based permissions for content… 


  • User access and permissions 

To ensure that only approved people can access certain files, your chosen media management solution must provide granular user and user group access controls. This allows media owners or system administrators to have confidence that when they upload a piece of content, it can only be seen, edited or shared by the trusted colleagues they choose. 


  • Backups 

In many cases, the biggest cost to your organisation can come through reproducing lost or poorly stored content. With automatic backups, you can futureproof your media collection by making sure it’s easily searchable for later reference or even reuse, whilst protecting your company’s investment. 


Worried about your own media management? To find out more about Imagen and how tools like those mentioned above help us to secure content for global brands, request a demo here. 

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Tom Halkyard

Tom Halkyard

Tom joined the Imagen Marketing team in 2015 and has since helped to build and deliver the Imagen brand through multiple channels. He also has a keen interest in sports and technology.

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