Communicating complex ideas securely

Last week I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who has worked in the QHSE environment for many years. Mostly in Oil & Gas – for many of the majors. The talk turned to implementation of the HSE’s directives and how training is delivered to field resources to keep them updated with critical changes (as it always does after a few beers).

In a collaborative environment where companies are expected to comply with directives, and ensure that partners do as well – they are often faced with huge cultural challenges. One man’s Health and Safety is another’s life threatening situation. It’s imperative that global companies comply – irrespective of the theatre of operation or who they are in partnership with.

Communicating complex ideas across the world can be an immense challenge. How do you ensure compliance, handle conflict resolution, follow and distribute best practice ideas to constantly improve operational effectiveness? With difficulty – especially when reading a hundred page document that might send even the best intended to sleep after page six. Not so difficult if it’s a regularly updated, relevant and informative video.

As the discussion continued into the night, I asked him what the QHSE community looked for in video content – his response was that it has to be 30 seconds long, eye catching and interesting.

But, that’s the problem – most QHSE related content is, in his words, stuffy, bureaucratic, irrelevant and difficult to find and even more difficult to distribute to the field.

Is your company experiencing similar challenges? If you need to improve the creation and distribution of your QHSE content, speak to Imagen. We have been helping enterprise companies like yours for the past 20 years with training and compliance content creation, distribution and management. Securely and cost-effectively.

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