Your content needs a safe pair of hands


    Your content needs a safe pair of hands

    Technology and human behaviour over the last decade have caused a significant increase in the use of video within businesses. For example, recordings of townhall gatherings, webex meetings and training videos are all now common place. But many organisations haven’t put into place an efficient and secure way to manage all this extra data. This can lead to lost files, video duplication, sharing issues, media leaks and access issues.

    Does this sound familiar? Read on to explore how your company could improve with a ready-made, media management solution.

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    Video security concerns

    Imagen conducted an independent survey exploring the concerns that businesses have towards video. Mostly, companies worry about their ability to secure and manage their media library. Reflecting on your own organisation’s media storage, do you think the right steps are being taken to protect content and also to make it easily searchable for reuse? Of course, not all video is created equal – some content is much more valuable or sensitive than others. If an out of date marketing video gets released, it can cause embarrassment but for confidential internal communications, the risks are much higher.

    Recent research has shown that employees are the biggest security risk for organisations. Despite knowing the risks, a quarter of staff admitted to storing files in personal cloud storage and using file sharing sites. Without a clear and secure media management process and culture, brands risk losing files, content leaks and even financial loss.

    Protecting content

    Nowadays, businesses are more focused on data security than ever. But most are still playing catch-up when it comes to media. Often, different departments store media in disparate, insecure locations which makes finding and protecting content difficult.

    Imagen’s solution is a central media repository for your organisation’s entire media library. One location where permitted staff, partners, investors, customers and press can access all of your organisation’s public and private media content 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

    BP invests in secure communications

    BP’s Group Communications team chose Imagen to address their own global media distribution issues. The transition took just 11 weeks, and has enabled them to provide secure, global access to over 100TB of video, images and documents. Read our BP case study to find out more.


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    Imagen – built for security

    Founded in 1996, an early iteration of Imagen software stored classified surveillance footage for the MOD. To this day, security continues to be the foundation of our software solution. We now enable leading brands to securely manage and share some of the world’s most valuable content.

    By working with Imagen, you can capitalise on over 20 years of proven media management experience. Whether you’re distributing content globally, future proofing a large media archive, or enabling secure internal access to classified files, you can be confident that your media is always in safe hands.

    Here are just a few ways that Imagen can help you to keep total control of your content:

    – Streamline your organisation’s internal media sharing with integrated single sign on authentication

    – Maintain ownership of content by burning watermarks on top of your shared videos

    – Secure backup your media library for peace of mind

    – Restrict access to content in selected geographical territories

    – Provide time-limited access to content with expiry controls

    For more information about Imagen, please get in touch or request a demo below.


    Looking to improve your organisation’s media security?

    Request a demo of Imagen to see how it can help you to manage and deliver video with confidence.

    Ian Mottashed

    Ian Mottashed

    Ian is our Head of Product Marketing.

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