Cultivating A Culture Of Innovation

While these are undoubtedly difficult times for the Energy industry, there is also a clear opportunity to invest in cultivating a culture of innovation as organisations strive to increase margins and output while using less resource.

While this can prove a painful process it can also drive constant improvement, allowing organisations to emerge from this difficult phase stronger, better equipped and more profitable.

Changing a culture for the better is an enormously difficult task – made more difficult by the inherent conservatism of large, heavily regulated industries. Changing culture requires the communication of complex ideas – made more challenging by geographic and cultural diversity across the globe. How do you encourage innovation, and by doing this achieve greater compliance, handle conflict resolution more effectively, collaborate with partners and distribute best practice ideas? While securing your intellectual property?

To achieve these aims business must become smarter, utilising the information at their disposal and using it to improve decision making and response. For many years, the sector has produced massive amounts of video content, but this information has not been utilised or managed effectively as a resource to drive operational efficiency.

The need to innovate is driving strong investment in emerging technology. Big Data, Cloud Computing, The Internet of Things and using video assets to effectively communicate complex ideas. Securely.

Imagen EVP is a market leading video asset management company that provides a cloud based platform that cost-effectively manages and distributes video content.

David Vlok

David Vlok

David joined the company to continue our expansion within the Enterprise and Energy industries. He has a wealth of experience in business as well as the Oil industry itself and has spent a number of years in the Middle East.

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