Don't Give Colleagues A Reason To Skip Town Halls

Don’t give your colleagues a reason to skip out on your Town Halls

Live-streamed Town Hall meetings can be of fantastic benefit to leaders in business that want to reach out to employees. Especially when there’s a big announcement to make.

That said, Town Halls also come with big challenges. In a previous blog, we outlined what those challenges are from a technology perspective and how to overcome them with the right platform. This time, we’re digging a little deeper into live-streamed Town Hall best practice and explore how you can overcome another key challenge: ensuring remote employees can watch it without any issues.

Connecting with your global employees

When planning your live-streamed Town Hall, giving people flexibility on how and when they watch it is an important consideration.  Your Town Hall video needs to be accessible to employees globally and on any device or network connection. For this, you’ll need to ensure your live-stream service provider can create and deliver a suitable low bandwidth version for easy distribution to any web browser, desktop, mobile or tablet.

But this doesn’t solve everything. You also need to tackle the fact that people will be working in different locations and across multiple time zones. How do you make sure they can watch your broadcast? And what value can you add to make watching after-the-event an attractive proposition?

For this, we recommend that you look for three things:

First and foremost, to deliver your Town Hall meetings to a global audience you’ll need to choose service provider with on-demand viewing capabilities. This will allow all employees to watch a recorded Town Hall when it is convenient for them.

Secondly – and this is less well recognised – it’s also useful to have the ability to easily tag videos with metadata, either while live-streaming or post-editing. This will save people time when they’re searching for your recording to watch on-demand. It will even enable them to search for specific moments in the video that they want to revisit – perhaps a message pertaining to their team or job function – without feeling like it’s a hassle.

Thirdly, look for access to a variety of functionality such as post-editing, clipping and adding chapters. These creative tools will enable you to make these videos more engaging and accessible to global employees watching on-demand.

Above all, what you need to be mindful of is that Town Halls take time, money and effort to set up. To make sure you get the maximum value from these events it’s vital that you provide a high-quality experience both during and after the event – and ultimately, don’t give employees any excuses or reasons to miss it.

For more on this subject, we’ve put together a quick ebook that you can download below. It will help you to understand everything you need to do to create a great live-streamed Town Hall experience, every time.

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Tom Halkyard

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