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Hollywood’s Battle Against Video Leaks

The ease of downloading premium content for free on the internet has led to staggering volumes of online copyright infringement, with at least 15% of UK Internet users aged 12+ (6.525 million people) downloading some “illegal” online content in the last year.

But it is in Hollywood where the effects of piracy are hardest felt, and also most publicised. The Hollywood awards season is an ever-increasing lineup of Film and TV ceremonies which have recognised the best of the industry each year for decades.

Steeped in history, media companies and individuals certainly covet the opportunity to earn a nomination or win any of the awards available. However, whilst the tradition of the awards ceremonies themselves adds to the grandeur, their slowness to modernise and adapt to new technologies has paved the way for a video leak epidemic over the last couple of decades.

Our new infographic highlights how the physical distribution of screener content to voters in the lead up to awards ceremonies has led to a significant increase in piracy of films and TV shows.

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Hollywood battles leaks

For more information about drawbacks of physical media screeners as well as how to maintain control of your valuable media content, download our new white paper below.

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The Future of Premium Video Distribution

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