Interactions, integration, preservation & support


    Interactions, integration, preservation & support

    Interactions and integration with other systems

    Does Imagen integrate with other software?

    Imagen comes with open REST and SOAP interfaces permitting custom integration with third party systems.

    Can I embed content from Imagen on a third party website?


    Does Imagen support RSS feeds?

    Yes, and you can configure the feed content with customisable search queries.

    Are social media are supported in Imagen?

    Yes, You can distribute media stored in Imagen via most popular social media channels.

    Can users make comments on the media in my Imagen archive?

    Yes, depending on their permissions, they can submit and reply to comments and/or moderate comments from other users.


    Storage and long-term preservation

    Do you support HSM and tape storage?

    Yes. Imagen provides a structured storage management system that includes support for local storage servers, online storage managed by NAS heads, tape library systems, and hierarchical storage manager software. As long as the storage path is accessible as a UNC, it can be local, NAS, SAN or HSM. Different file renditions can be sent to different destinations, for example, original hi-resolution assets can be sent into long-term storage on tape, while streaming proxies are sent into nearline storage for quick access.

    What is the best strategy for backing up and restoring Imagen/Orbital?

    ImagenWeb has a built-in backup and restore functionality to preserve all your web-site customisations. You can use this to return to a previous setup if you make a mistake.

    The StorageService allows you to set up replication policies so that copies can be written to mirrored storage.

    We recommend the database file containing your metadata is backed up regularly by your system administrator.


    Documentation and support

    Where can I find documentation for Imagen?

    All Imagen modules are fully documented. Documentation is delivered in pdf format with the installation packages and can also be accessed by registered users on our KnowledgeBase.

    How do I log in to the KnowledgeBase?

    As a valued Imagen customer, you will be given a login. The KnowledgeBase will give you access to full product documentation, technical notes and other useful resources.

    What do I do if I have a problem with Imagen?

    Our expert Support team will be happy to help you out. Contact or your reseller for information on our Service Level Agreements.

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