Levelling the media playing field in sport

Levelling the media playing field in sport

Keeping pace with, and capitalising upon, current trends in media should be a top priority for sports organisations large and small. As linear TV ratings for sport continue to decline and audiences (particularly those who are younger and more tech-savvy) migrate en masse towards a growing number of IP-based platforms, the risks of not moving with the times are clear.

By not reacting to this changing sports landscape and failing to maintain or raise their profile across all digital channels, sports organisations could risk losing audience share, relevancy, and international recognition. Falling off the radar can even prove to be the difference between winning and losing an all-important place on the IOC’s Olympics Games programme for instance – the stakes are high.

Fans are impatient for content

In recent years, sports fans have become increasingly impatient for content and it’s understandable. There’s no doubt about it, as a generation, we’re spoilt. The largest, most powerful content providers – Sky, BT, Netflix, Amazon, etc. – are all constantly pumping huge amounts of money into rights acquisitions, media production and delivery of the latest and greatest video content in order to win and retain market share of an increasingly disloyal audience. As a result, we can no longer wait a week for the next TV episode, we want the whole series to be available right away. And we can’t hold out for the fully-edited sports highlights programme, we want video clips on social media instantly.


Nowadays every sport, no matter its level of commercial maturity, has an audience somewhere in the world. And, with popular new outlets available beyond traditional linear TV, smaller federations are able to reach these sizeable audiences online in any location, at any time. This presents a unique opportunity in which they can utilise affordable cloud technology to deliver content to fans and more easily compete for audience share – all at a fraction of the cost that was previously required to do so.

Interested to find out more about the how the advancements and the affordability of cloud-based services have levelled the media playing field in the sports industry? Our latest sports white paper, “Outsmart and Outperform: Levelling the media playing field in sport”, is packed with market insights, research and examples of sports that are taking crucial steps to embrace these changes right now. Download your copy below.

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Levelling The Playing Field
Tom Halkyard

Tom Halkyard

Tom joined the Imagen Marketing team in 2015 and has since helped to build and deliver the Imagen brand through multiple channels. He also has a keen interest in sports and technology.

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