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How to Monetize video – it’s not all about the sale

How to Monetize video

So you think monetizing video starts and ends with selling your video online? It’s true that a MAM or DAM that’s capable of delivering your media online, such as Imagen, is a great way to make revenue from your premium content – either as a Subscription VOD or Footage Sales Platform. However, the introduction of an Enterprise Video Platform for your organisation to help monetize video can affect your balance sheet in more ways than generating sales alone.

Access, management, and distribution

Having your media assets readily available in a central, secure repository enables staff and colleagues to access large amounts of content in minutes. This saves an enormous amount of time and effort accessing videos, pictures and documents – increasing focus and productivity, and saving your company time and money. By utilizing a secure online platform, you can manage different groups of users, giving each set access to different areas of your archive and unique functionalities to use with your media.

Enabling users to view, download and share elements of your media creates an easy-to-use ‘shop window’ and increases your brand awareness and distribution of your content. 80% of online visitors will watch a video while only 20% will actually read content in its entirety*.

Being able to share a link to a web page means potential clients can access media at their leisure, making it a lot more economical than handing out CDs, or even leaflets packed with information. This could save your company a lot of money when demonstrating your products at trade shows, presenting to clients, or even sharing training videos to staff.

Making the most of your media

Having such a rich source of media means you have likely committed a lot of hours, money and effort in creating valuable content. It may have already served its purpose for which it was proposed, but that doesn’t mean it now has to lay dormant. Utilizing existing content and repurposing it can further generate revenue for your business. This could be partnering with another company and allowing access to parts of your media that may be valuable to their business, such as staff training videos. Or creating a catalogue of archive footage that can be licensed out for use in documentaries, films, or promotional videos.

Publishing large amounts of media online is usually a challenge for any organisation, thankfully Imagen’s automated ingest workflows makes it easy to add your content to your online video portal with just a few clicks – and that’s an enormous saving on time and costs.

Expand your audience

Secure video hosting allows clients to access your media assets around the clock and around the world, opening up your business to global corporations. Increasing accessibility and distribution means you will have an ever-expanding audience. 79.9% of the UK population watched a video online in 2014**. The growing trend of watching and sharing videos online can result in a greater awareness of your brand and, although it may not lead to direct sales online, it could increase the traffic to your company website and generate new leads.

In summary, Publishing your content online enables you to keep your media assets secure as you expand your archive, and generate a catalogue for your growing business. Imagen Enterprise Video Platform can do much more than monetize video content – it can save you enormous amounts of time and money by enabling your staff and customers to help themselves to your media via a secure and managed website.




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