NAB 2016 Roundup


    NAB 2016 Roundup

    Welcome to the sunshine stand

    Well, this year we came in bigger, better, and most certainly brighter at NAB. #sunshinestand

    Ok, so we weren’t able to compete with the Atomos climbing wall or the drone zone, but we had a great stand (with a sofa) that enabled us to showcase our ground-breaking new version, Imagen 4.

    If you didn’t get a chance to see Imagen 4 in action at the show, make sure you catch up on the new features here.

    What I learnt from Vegas …

    Some of the obvious responses to that are: vegetables don’t exist, the sun shines a lot brighter than in the UK, gambling is dangerous. But on a serious note, visiting Las Vegas for NAB last week opened my eyes to a few things in the broadcast media world.

    Firstly, walking around the 2 million square foot of show space at NAB, it was staggering to see how many businesses were using video in their business, not to mention the number of organisations now relying on video for communications. I saw people face-timing rather than calling, video interviewing rather than using traditional methods like dictaphones, and taking videos rather than photographs. With people creating so much content, storing it and managing it effectively is becoming an issue. Especially when it holds value.

    Secondly, brands don’t just like video, they need video. Walking through the malls in Vegas, almost every shop was using video to promote their products, engage with their audience and entice people to make purchases. This view was reciprocated at the show with nearly every exhibitor using video to promote their product – it was the focal point for the majority of stands. Video really is becoming the voice of a brand, and there’s proof it works.

    Throughout the show, I spoke to a number of different professionals who came to us with the same problems – how can I share my content with the right audience, and only that audience. How can I make the most out of my content without losing out to platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo? How can I make money from my valuable video content? With 90% of internet traffic predicted to be video content by 2019, it’s time we started addressing this dramatic shift. But don’t stress, we’ve got just the thing.

    So, how can we help?

    Our handy new subscriptions feature in Imagen 4 enables organisations to make the most out of their content, providing them with the opportunity to maximise the return from their video content using a simple subscription structure. Set it up in a few clicks and away you go. Don’t believe me? Take a look.

    Our smart new automated transcriptions feature makes annotations easier, cutting hours of your editors day and making it incredibly easy to search for what you need. If you’re looking for a solution for your growing video library, get in touch with us today.

    Livia Dixon

    Livia Dixon

    Livia is a key part of Imagen's Marketing team, specialising in organising and exhibiting at events and tradeshows globally throughout the calendar year. Head to our Events page to see where we'll be next!

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