Our time at the DPP Launch Party


    Our time at the DPP Launch Party

    At the DPP launch event on 6th May, Imagen Ltd and Screenocean were proud to be recognised as one of the “founder members” of the DPP. As I walked away from the Sway Bar (or did I Sway away) I had a huge sense that we were joining an organisation that was at the vanguard of delivering a proactive forum, where through healthy collaboration and sharing of expertise as an industry, we will continue to deliver outstanding services to audiences and advertisers.


    I was struck by the diversity of the media sectors in attendance and who are joining. A truly “end to end” group. In the not too distant past, I drew up a chart that showed a production that was digitally produced, was then delivered on tape where it was subsequently digitised 9 times (4 times by the same outsource company) all for various traditional processes. Subsequently it was then transcoded to over 100 profiles for international distribution. I don’t need to go on, but this was born from fragmented legacy tape based workflows being overlaid onto digital. Digital is now format agnostic and is an opportunity to streamline and innovate if we can agree on the principles.


    At Imagen Ltd we wanted to play a small part in this journey by being part of the conversation. For 20 years we’ve developed software that is being used within many organisations for digital preservation, protection and promotion. We are committed to making our solutions interoperable and flexible but not so bespoke that makes prices unrealistic for all but the larger organisations. Being part of the conversation enables us to learn and adapt to the market but also help lead where necessary.


    One panelist was asked where this was all leading. The response was “we don’t know but we’d rather be part of it than not”.


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      Exhibiting at the Marketing Technology Expo proved to be a valuable insight into how industries are using video in their corporate communications. It was refreshing to be approached by visitors from a range of sectors, from hospitality to raw material production, who were eager to find out more about our latest features in Imagen version 6.

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