Imagen at the SVG SCMS Forum


    Imagen at the SVG SCMS Forum

    On Thursday the 27th of July, Imagen attended the SVG Sports Content Management and Storage Summit in New York. The event brought together 250 attendees from across the industry for a day of informative discussions addressing the latest media-asset-management (MAM) workflows and content-storage technologies.

    We were honoured that Rochanne Squire from IMG was available to join us at the event to present the case study: “IMG Replay – Setting A New Standard for Content Licensing Platforms”

    Rochanne Squire - SVG SCMS

    During the session Squire explained that IMG Replay (powered by Imagen) provides a ‘one-stop shop’ for all non-live media licensing needs. Representing over 40 of the world’s most prestigious sport, entertainment and fashion archives, the ground breaking platform provides rights holders with a central media hub to store, access and showcase their content on a state of the art media licensing platform.

    Customers accessing the Imagen powered site are given access to over 400,000 hours of content, covering over 100 years of historic and near-live media made up of long form sports footage, programming highlights, rushes, ISOs and interviews.

    IMG Replay not only enables secure access to valuable content, it preserves digital assets for the long term and monetizes content on behalf of the rights holders – all via an elegant, search, play, clip and download experience. Users can also license and make payments for content online and then download broadcast quality content at high speed using Imagen’s Accelerated File Download Feature.

    For a quick insight into the service Imagen provides and the breadth of content available on IMG Replay – watch the video:

    Imagen joins the SVG SCMS Forum Panel

    Imagen Sales Manager, Will Pitt, joined this year’s panel discussion – The DAM Cloudy: Embracing the Cloud for MAM, DR and More – to explore how major players are increasingly adopting cloud technology and are looking to outsource their operations to the cloud for storage and distribution.

    The lively debate provided attendees with an understanding of the current state of the cloud and other storage technologies. A pragmatic discussion featuring industry leaders examined some current use cases of cloud-based systems, first steps for those just getting started, and hurdles to be overcome.

    Will Pitt, SVP, Sport and Media, Imagen, explained how sometimes a cloud-based need develops organically. When NBC Sports acquired the rights for the English Premier League, the league needed a new way to give NBC access to content from previous seasons.

    “The Premier League simply asked us how they could do it better and how they could put content somewhere centrally where it is completely secure and the experience in getting the content is reliable and repeatable,” he said. “It began with a simple step.”

    He added that one important thing organizations new to moving to the cloud need to keep in mind is that it is not an either/or decision but an evolutionary one that should not require an end goal. The nature of cloud-based technologies is constant evolution that moves forward as core technologies evolve.”

    Jack Cammish

    Jack Cammish

    Jack is our Master of Ceremonies - amongst many other Marketing activities, he manages delivery of the Imagen brand to the world through a number of events and tradeshows across the year.

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