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Staff training can be fun AND effective

Last week I was having a discussion with a prospect that needed a platform to deliver short training videos to over fifty-thousand staff across the globe. Being in the hospitality market – they had a range of skills and capabilities. From quick-repairs to a lawnmower to mixing the perfect mojito to guest management. They urgently needed to implement a “gold” training standard. Unfortunately – their present system was heavily document based and quite boring (their words!) – the videos they had produced were being watched – or were they? There was no system in place to monitor and ensure staff commitment to training.

The distribution platform had to be secure (didn’t want the competition to benefit from their hard work) and the content had to be uniform across the group companies – and their partners. Of course – it also had to be monitored to provide proof of compliance for various industry measurements – ratings being one. Having statistics to monitor staff engagement across their operation was crucial. Obviously YouTube like services could not provide the security of the content or effective monitoring. It would be nice if they could deliver this content with no latency – served from a locally situated datacenter.

Communicating complex ideas across the world can be an immense challenge. How do you ensure compliance, follow and distribute best practice ideas to constantly improve staff and partner training? With difficulty – especially when trying to communicate these requirements with a document based system. Not so difficult if it’s a regularly updated, relevant and informative video. Training motivates staff, improves productivity and retention and reduces accidents.

Is your company experiencing similar training challenges? If you need to secure and improve the distribution of your corporate media assets – training or HSE related, give me a call, or take a look at our blue-chip client base.

Imagen has been helping enterprise companies like yours with training and compliance content security, distribution and management. Cost-effectively, in the Cloud.

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David joined the company to continue our expansion within the Enterprise and Energy industries. He has a wealth of experience in business as well as the Oil industry itself and has spent a number of years in the Middle East.

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