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Tom joined the Imagen Marketing team in 2015 and has since helped to build and deliver the Imagen brand through multiple channels. He also has a keen interest in sports and technology.

Olympics online delivery

How the Olympics have focused video production on taking advantage of online and social

Understanding the scale of the Olympic Games and how consumption habits have caused a change of focus for the IOC and official broadcasters towards online output.


Interactive and Personalised, but Slow Progress

The blurring boundaries between video producers and consumers, and between professionals and amateurs, combined with the ubiquity of digital cameras, networks, and video editing, uploading and streaming software and services, are creating opportunities to turn video into interactive and personalised experiences, although progress has been much slower than expected. For over 10 years, new start-upsRead more

Adapting to a digital economy

I worked in the Music Industry 20 years ago, way before any real meaningful adoption of the internet. It was the arrival of Napster and MP3s that’s taken me on a digital journey. I can remember Tower Records in Piccadilly Circus, a “Cathedral” of vinyl. The Jazz section on the second floor was awesome. IRead more