Why preserving your legacy with video archives is more important than ever

The biggest businesses in the world have made use of video archiving for much more than just storing content. Learn more about the importance of preserving your historical content in this post that looks at how Kraft Foods turned their video content into a crucial asset for it’s Cadbury’s integration.

The benefits of retaining ALL your video footage

You can never truly know where and when you might need video content. If you needed proof that this is the case, the behind the scenes story of Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’ should be enough to convince you.

5 reasons why a good media management platform is so important to marketing departments

The statistics speak for themselves; the ability to quickly distribute promotional video content online is key to the success of your marketing efforts. It’s where your audience are, it accounts for a big chunk of your marketing budget – here’s how to make the whole process much more efficient.

10 reasons why your business needs a corporate newsroom

In an age of insta-media, your business can’t afford to lag behind. Whether you’re a car manufacturer, pharma giant, sports broadcaster or corporate enterprise, you need to be at the forefront of the in-house media centre scene. And you need to be working with a company which knows how to optimize your assets and bring your newsroom to life.

Do you need to hire a digital asset manager?

When the world entered the digital age, a lot of media assets missed the boat. Stuck in an analogue wasteland, these records needed to be transformed into a digital format and stored in an accessible repository. Digital Asset Management (DAM) software, such as our Imagen Enterprise Video Platform, does most of the heavy lifting. ImagenRead more

Watch folders, not a substitute for good integration

It seems that every integration project I see at the moment calls for some kind of ‘watch folder’ as the preferred mechanism for moving content from one system to another. However, watch folders may not be the best solution. To find out why – keep reading.

Frost & Sullivan explains Imagen’s 2015 Global Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award

Frost and Sullivan Global Director, Mukul Krishna, explains why Imagen Ltd is a deserved winner of their 2015 Global Digital Asset Management Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award: With unwavering dedication to its customers and a clear line of sight into the technical shifts expected in the expansive Digital Asset Management market, Imagen Ltd is a smallRead more

Vlog: DAM, PAM, MAM – what are the differences?

In our first video blog, we help to demystify the differences between DAM (Digital Asset Management), PAM (Production Asset Management), and MAM (Media Asset Management) systems; three frequently used acronyms that are regularly referenced in media for business.  

DAM, PAM, thank you MAM

DAM, PAM and MAM are three acronyms, which may be casually referenced in your office, with the assumption that everybody knows not just what they mean, but what the differences are. So, what are the finer points? DAM A DAM, or Digital Asset Management system is designed to store digital assets, simply meaning files ofRead more

New: Imagen 3.5 – Great content deserves a great looking website

Our new WYSIWYG customisation tools help you create the perfect online media archive  – plus new powerful workflows, intelligent spell checking and lots more! Imagen takes the cost and complexity out of video management, combining best in class preservation standards and infinite storage capacity, with elegant and intuitive web interfaces for easy search and retrieval. TheRead more