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Interactions, integration, preservation & support

Interactions and integration with other systems Does Imagen integrate with other software? Imagen comes with open REST and SOAP interfaces permitting custom integration with third party systems. Can I embed content from Imagen on a third party website? Yes. Does Imagen support RSS feeds? Yes, and you can configure the feed content with customisable searchRead more

Customization, content management & monetization

Customisation and content management in ImagenWeb What is ImagenWeb? ImagenWeb is the web interface ‘front-end’ for audio-visual archives manages with Imagen. It provides a complete environment for creating a fully customisable professional web-site to distribute your media. ImagenWeb’s outward facing site is the gateway through which your customers can access the archive. For users withRead more

Archive databases, workflows & security

Archive databases Can I migrate my existing database to Imagen? Yes. We have developed tools which allow metadata and media assets from existing archives to be imported into Imagen. How do I customise my database? Imagen is provided with a sample database that you can use, or you can customise and create your own schema.Read more