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Ian is one of the longest-standing members of the Imagen (formerly Cambridge Imaging Systems) story. Our VP Marketing, not content with everything else he has to coordinate, somehow also manages to find time to lend his hand to a blog post or two.

Interactions, integration, preservation & support

Interactions and integration with other systems Does Imagen integrate with other software? Imagen comes with open REST and SOAP interfaces permitting custom integration with third party systems. Can I embed content from Imagen on a third party website? Yes. Does Imagen support RSS feeds? Yes, and you can configure the feed content with customisable searchRead more

Customization, content management & monetization

Customisation and content management in ImagenWeb What is ImagenWeb? ImagenWeb is the web interface ‘front-end’ for audio-visual archives manages with Imagen. It provides a complete environment for creating a fully customisable professional web-site to distribute your media. ImagenWeb’s outward facing site is the gateway through which your customers can access the archive. For users withRead more

Archive databases, workflows & security

Archive databases Can I migrate my existing database to Imagen? Yes. We have developed tools which allow metadata and media assets from existing archives to be imported into Imagen. How do I customise my database? Imagen is provided with a sample database that you can use, or you can customise and create your own schema.Read more