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Tom joined the Imagen Marketing team in 2015 and has since helped to build and deliver the Imagen brand through multiple channels. He also has a keen interest in sports and technology.

Why women’s sport is now big business

With the growth of women’s sports afforded by new channels to reach audiences and changing perceptions, the commercial outlook has never been so positive.

Women in sport

The rise, fall and rise of women’s sport

Thanks to new and expanding broadcast channels, a wide range of women’s sports are beginning to enjoy a surge in popularity and commercial success.

Champions Hockey League

Champions Hockey League Archive now available via Imagen

The Champions Hockey League media portal provides rapid online access to broadcast partners, league members and sponsors who will be able to search an exclusive library of CHL media and download HD quality assets in just a few clicks.

Scottish Natural Heritage prepare for a new digital landscape

Scottish Natural Heritage choose Imagen to more easily manage their content through its lifecycle and promote a more flexible way of working; geared towards internal and external collaboration.

International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) raise the bar with Imagen

The new fully branded IWF Media Portal will enable broadcasters, newsrooms and media partners to access the latest content during competitions.

How top sports brands utilise video on social media

Sports viewing habits have changed, but not all sports brands have suffered. Learn about the sports brands leading the fightback and how to effectively use video on social media in our latest guide.

Why age doesn’t define your audience

Our latest report addressed the changing nature of sports viewing habits. But it’s not just Millenials driving these changes. Are you segmenting your audience appropriately?

Why it’s so important for sport brands to give audiences what they want

The way that audiences consume sports content has changed. It’s crucial for sports brands to adapt to these changes, but what’s the cause and how can these issues be addressed?

IMG choose Imagen to host World's Largest Dedicated Sports Library

Representing over 40 of the biggest sporting federations, governing bodies and events, IMG has just launched the world’s largest dedicated sports archive. This state of the art platform is provided by Imagen and it enables customers to search, browse, watch, clip and download some of the world’s greatest sporting moments. From May 1st, 2013, theRead more