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Ian is our Head of Product Marketing.

Evolve with ever-changing viewing habits with Imagen version 6

To thrive and survive, sports organisations need to be first to publish, offer a wider range of content and provide a better service – not just to fans, but also for their broadcast partners and production teams. See how Imagen version 6 can help you meet the changing needs of your audience.

Infographic: don’t let pirates steal your audience

New Infographic: Illegal streaming means sports businesses are losing the attention of fans. What’s caused this change, and what can be done to counteract it?

7 key considerations when evaluating video management solutions

7 key considerations when evaluating video management solutions

As the popularity of video as a content format continues to increase, so too does the management burden. We’ve put together a visual guide on the key things to consider when evaluating a video management platform – check it out!

Video Implications

The implications of the digital transformation of video production, distribution, consumption and archiving go well beyond the emergence of new commercial opportunities and challenges for platform firms or advertisers.  In our increasingly networked world, technological advances in camera technology and accessibility, development of new infrastructure and platforms for distribution and editing, and the creation ofRead more

Do you need to hire a digital asset manager?

When the world entered the digital age, a lot of media assets missed the boat. Stuck in an analogue wasteland, these records needed to be transformed into a digital format and stored in an accessible repository. Digital Asset Management (DAM) software, such as our Imagen Enterprise Video Platform, does most of the heavy lifting. ImagenRead more

Choosing the right video library.

Winning the video management race – how do you pick a video library provider?

There are an overwhelming number of video management solutions, which can make choosing the right vendor for your business a very difficult task. It’s all about the specifics of your company and what you want your video management solution to do. Start by developing a list of project goals and the key issues the systemRead more

Cloud archiving – is it for you?

A few years ago, ‘clouds’ were just fluffy things in the sky that rain came out of. And although they’re still that, when we talk about cloud these days we often mean something entirely different – systems and software that no longer lives on our desks, in our server rooms or on our networks butRead more

David Joel

Imagen Ltd Expands Sales Team with new Head of Business Development

– David Joel brings extensive broadcast experience from Deluxe Laboratories, ITV –    Imagen Ltd has appointed David Joel to the newly created role of Head of Business Development. Working alongside Fiona Coughlan, Sales and Marketing Director, David’s remit is to drive new business opportunities for Imagen’s award-winning enterprise video platform across all markets. DavidRead more