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Power of video

The hidden power of video

If you’ve got a website, chances are you spent quite a lot of time getting the words right. And while that’s important, if you aren’t using audio-visual material on there as well, you could be doing yourself out of valuable click-throughs. Whatever information you want to give your customers – whether it’s instructions on howRead more

How we created the world’s largest TV catch up service

In 2013, JISC (Joint information Systems Committee) announced that it would embark on an ambitious upgrade programme to advance the use of rich media in education. The government-funded RES (Research Education Space) project aimed to learn more about content usage in education and research. Under the management of the British Universities Film and Video Council,Read more

Stick ’em up! It’s your time to claim your piece of the online video market

Branded VOD platforms and online commercial archives used to be the preserve of broadcasters only. Not anymore. Imagen makes managed online publishing affordable for even the smallest production companies. The establishment of online video platforms has brought about a boom era for television and production, with traditional terrestrial television as the only sector in decline.Read more


A look at the pros and cons of cloud services for the media industry The broadcast industry loves a good buzz-word, and when we’re not talking about 4K and Ultra-HD, we’re talking about the cloud. Cloud storage and services are certainly on the verge of becoming major factors in broadcast and production workflows for storingRead more