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Responding to changes in viewing habits, Imagen v6 delivers more video where sports fans want it – and when production teams need it


In our latest report Who Moved the GoalPosts? we uncovered some of the difficult truths facing sports organisations and rights holders who in partnership with broadcasters are finding that audiences are turning away from the TV. In short, sports fans of all ages are radically changing their viewing habits.


Rather than spending hours watching an entire game or event on TV, more and more viewers would rather access highlights or ‘near-live’ coverage through a digital platform, such as an app, an OTT streaming service, an illegal stream, or social media.

The question is – can content owners find ways of distributing licensed content quickly and securely to meet this demand? If they don’t, there could be a big impact on both brand and revenue.

The way fans interact with sports content is changing. Despite the decline in TV viewing, evidence suggests that the appetite for sports content is increasing.

Clearly, there is a need for rights holders to take back control and be the first to distribute content to the places their fans want to consume it.

In this blog we’ll look at how the latest version of Imagen (version 6) can help rights owners to protect brand and revenue by delivering more content, more efficiently – where sports fans want it and when broadcast partners need it.


NEW: Live Capture and Social Media Publishing

Imagen is a complete media management and distribution platform which protects your media and connects your content with fans and commercial partners around the world – increasing ROI and unlocking the value in near-live and legacy video libraries.

In Imagen version 6 it’s now possible to access and capture live streams from sports events using an RTMP path and simple authentication keys. Once the live stream has ended, the finished file is added to your Imagen video library where it can be accessed and repurposed anytime in the future.

As live feeds play out across your Imagen platform, users can navigate the live stream using timeshift controls. With real time access to feeds from sports tournaments, sports organisations are now able to clip and publish highlights to social media channels – just seconds after they happen – to ensure they are always first to deliver the goals, the drama, interviews, incidents and trophy lifts direct from the event.

With powerful publishing workflows available you can even syndicate your clips to multiple channels (twitter, youtube etc.) in just one click – meaning you can publish higher volumes of content faster and better quality than pirate or unofficial sources. Providing a superior service will encourage your audiences to stick to the official channels for their latest updates.
Live capture and live clipping to social media
It’s not just live feeds that can be clipped and published. Imagen v6 now lets you syndicate any of the content in your Imagen platform to social media using simple browser based editing tools.

With a onetime configuration of your social media workflows (which can include various bitrates and sizes for each platform), you can set and forget and then concentrate on the great content you’re going to publish. You can even burn in watermarks (logos), or metadata and you can even set default text for your tweets or add at run time.

Across social media, demand for sports video is huge – Imagen helps rights holders (clubs, leagues, federations and governing bodies) to meet that demand – to more successfully engage with fans, and build brand more effectively.


Live Logging

Imagen v6 is not just about publishing firepower on social media. It also provides a superior experience for broadcast partners and production teams – bringing fully catalogued sports content to market more quickly – for easier access, faster discovery and navigation.

For sports, the value of content is often time sensitive – so the quicker it can be accessed by broadcasters and production teams, the higher the value. For customers (broadcasters and production teams) – it’s a big help to find that the latest content has been professionally logged – so the most interesting points can be located and extracted from long form video content.

Time based metadata can easily also be applied to your live video feeds in real time using Imagen Media Logger for instant indexing of long form video content. Simply click/touch a matrix of predefined keywords and names to describe events in the live stream.

By providing partners with access to the latest, fully indexed near-live content, you can be sure that sports fans will be able to enjoy the very best mix of sports action and stay glued to the official broadcast – whether on TV or OTT or online.

Users can also subscribe to RSS feeds to receive updates based on saved search criteria. Administrators can also send notifications to all users or a group at any time – to tell them about new features or curated content sets.  They can also auto send new users a welcome email at the point of registration.


Live to archive convergence in Imagen v6

Imagen v6 accelerates the convergence of live and archive workflows, to deliver more efficient and economically scalable cloud based media management.  Speed to market, choice and ease of access are critical to maximising the value of your content.

For Sports organisations it means you can proactively market your sports content to customers such as broadcasters or production companies, and engage sport fans with classic clips from your archive or the latest near-live action fresh from a tournament. Imagen v6 helps rights holders and sports brands protect and grow by delivering more content and a better experience for B2B customers and B2C sports audiences.


Try Imagen v6

From live to archive, Imagen is the premium solution for managing and distributing your content, providing a superior experience for your audience and rapid access to high resolution video

Ian Mottashed

Ian Mottashed

Ian is our Head of Product Marketing.

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