The Democratisation of Media


    The Democratisation of Media

    Everyone’s a critic (and a photographer, and an editor, and a writer…)

    Pretty much everybody these days has a phone with a camera. So we can all create our own audio-visual material whenever we want and wherever we want – whether that’s taking a selfie, making a short film or catching some breaking news on video.

    Share and share alike

    With websites like Pinterest and Tumblr it’s easier than ever to share that material with the world. Media is getting more and more democratised as the web becomes something we can all take part in creating – it’s not just about consuming anymore. And with the ability to add comments, even people who don’t want to put their own content out there can get involved in the conversations.

    Get yourself noticed

    All that means that if you’ve got content to share with your customers – whether that’s instructional videos on how to use your product, or pictures of happy punters – it’s easier than ever to get it out there. But in an internet crowded with bloggers, vloggers, Tweeters and Instagrammers, how do you make sure people can find you? Imagen can help you stand out from the virtual crowd. You can use it to quickly and easily build a branded website to host all that content you’ve spent time and money putting together. And you can even give your site visitors the ability to comment on your uploads.

    So don’t get lost in the hubbub. Make your voice heard with an ImagenCloud trial now.


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