Report: Capitalise and profit from changing sports viewing habits

There’s a lot of hand-wringing in the sports industry at the moment about fans’ viewing habits and how they will affect future deals and revenue.

TV ratings are declining, while content owners like sports clubs, federations and associations face a huge threat from both legal and pirated online content taking eyeballs away from their channels. Unofficial content diverts traffic and can affect revenue models – like advertising, subscription services and ticket sales for live events.

Our new report – Who moved the goalposts? – explains why content owners must act now to find new ways of distributing licensed content quickly, securely, and with the right level of quality to keep fans’ eyeballs where they need them.

The report covers:

  • The decline of TV as a destination for watching sport
  • The problem with new viewing habits on social platforms – covering the rise in piracy, demand for near live highlights and the threat from fan-posted content that’s reducing content owners’ ability to control their audience.
  • The Millennial question – explaining why younger audiences who ‘snack’ on their favourite sports and teams through social platforms demand content to be delivered in different ways.
  • The problems with finding new ways to engage – looking at why content owners are currently having difficulty meeting new demand for online content.


It also includes insights into the key prerequisites for technology that will help content owners to solve these problems.

As business consultants McKinsey explained in a recent article, there are still plenty of opportunities for brands that get this right:

“Generation X wanted its MTV. Millennials have fear of missing out. Both generations are consuming digital sports voraciously, at the expense of traditional TV viewing. Sports marketers who target the right digital products to take advantage of them will build stronger fan bases than ever before.”

We couldn’t agree more. Download the report now to discover what the key issues are, and what you need to do to solve them.



Access and download our latest report, investigating the changing nature of sports media consumption, and what the future holds for owners and distributors of sports video content.

Charlie Horrell

Charlie joined Imagen in April 2017 as CEO after a successful track record at a range of blue chip businesses in the UK, Europe and Asia. With a career that has focussed on driving businesses within the digital, technology and media space, Charlie brings with him exceptional leadership and commercial experience.

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