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Tom joined the Imagen Marketing team in 2015 and has since helped to build and deliver the Imagen brand through multiple channels. He also has a keen interest in sports and technology.

Why women’s sport is now big business

With the growth of women’s sports afforded by new channels to reach audiences and changing perceptions, the commercial outlook has never been so positive.

How to future-proof your video storage strategy

While the market for video management solutions is only set to grow, it’s vital to choose a platform that fits your business needs today and in the future.

Video security and compliance made simple

How can media management systems help you secure and manage your content now and in the future with the growing challenges of data security and compliance?

Imagen appoints Chief Revenue Officer to drive US operations

Imagen, the leading SaaS video management platform business, has appointed Ryan Rolf as Chief Revenue Officer for the Americas region.

The way you’re storing video is probably wrong (but there’s an easy fix)

Video metadata is, in its most basic sense, the information that underpins the whole system, making video content searchable, retrievable, accessible and ultimately, more valuable. Find out how metadata impacts the value of your video media and the necessary role it plays in today’s society.

Women in sport

The rise, fall and rise of women’s sport

Thanks to new and expanding broadcast channels, a wide range of women’s sports are beginning to enjoy a surge in popularity and commercial success.

What is a media management platform (and why should you care?)

Does your organisation struggle to find its video, images and other media content? An automated media management platform stores your valuable assets, from promotional marketing content through to operational video.

10 things you didn’t know your business video could do

Video is being used extensively for business communications, but many companies still don’t make the most of it. How can it help you to solve your problems?

Imagen secures £6.5m in Series B funding round

Imagen, the leading SaaS video management platform business, has secured £6.5 million in a Series B round.

Sports focusing on fans

New video delivery deals highlight fan focus

In 2019, we should expect to see new initiatives and offerings from organisations as they look to enable wider audiences to consume their sport through new technologies, wherever they are. Here are some examples that highlight the way the industry is moving.