Maximize operational efficiency with drone video

Businesses worldwide are discovering the benefits and challenges of integrating Unmanned Aircraft Systems into their operations. As oil and gas companies explore the possibilities UAS can bring to their businesses, a significant percentage of market share is now shifting to this industry.

Communicate ideas

Stories that inspire your clients

When talking to Imagen customers and prospects, it became clear that one of the major challenges facing companies is how to manage and distribute corporate video content that enhances the corporate narrative. How do you successfully create a clear vision and cultivate a corporate culture that enables the successful delivery of the business’ strategic andRead more

Video Big Data

Video is the next big thing in Big Data

Big Data has been around the IT industry for a long time, but now video has emerged as the next great information source for companies, enabling them to learn about consumers, collaborate with partners and for everyone to gain an understanding of the world around them.

Video collaboration

Video: the key to collaboration

For most people in the oil and gas sector, collaboration is very much top of mind these days. Is this the silver bullet that will allow us to become competitive again? How do we define collaboration? It helps to look at the BS 11000 Framework, which should become the ISO 11000 process shortly: The BSRead more


Cultivating A Culture Of Innovation

While these are undoubtedly difficult times for the Energy industry, there is also a clear opportunity to invest in cultivating a culture of innovation as organisations strive to increase margins and output while using less resource. While this can prove a painful process it can also drive constant improvement, allowing organisations to emerge from thisRead more

Communicating complex ideas securely

Last week I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who has worked in the QHSE environment for many years. Mostly in Oil & Gas – for many of the majors. The talk turned to implementation of the HSE’s directives and how training is delivered to field resources to keep them updated withRead more

Oil collaboration

Collaboration in the video age

I always look forward to the predictions that the gurus come out with at the beginning of each year – from flying cars to peace in the middle-east. They are usually wrong. I’m more inclined to look back to 2002. Why 2002 you may rightfully ask? A year most of us would like to forgetRead more