Imagen Content Onboarding Services

Prepare your media for a digital future and unlock the value in your video library

Imagen and/or selected partners now offer a suite of professional tape digitization and content onboarding services designed to reduce the complexity of digitization projects, ensuring your valuable media libraries are organised, easily accessible and ready for a digital future with a long-term preservation strategy in place.

Imagen’s content onboarding programme includes tape encoding, bulk file ingest and cataloguing of small and large collections of media.

Subsidized and Funded Tape Digitization Programme

While so many companies would like to exploit the commercial potential of their content, improve operational efficiency and offer online high resolution delivery through cloud services – the barriers to adopting new SaaS technologies like Imagen often lie in time and costs associated with digitising tapes and cataloguing unstructured media data.

Recognizing this problem, Imagen and/or selected partners are offering new Imagen customers a subsidized rate to offset content onboarding costs – plus fully funded digitization programmes for smaller collections.


Library size: < 500 tapes:

  • Tape encoding service will be provided by Imagen
  • Tapes to be sent by customer in batches of 100 max
  • Tapes returned to customer before receiving successive batches

Library size: > 500 tapes:

  • Imagen will provide a fully managed service
  • Tapes will be collected from customer
  • Option 1: Return on completion
  • Option 2: Tapes archived in long-term store
  • Option 3: Certificated destruction
A 3 Step Process for Success


We pick up your digital media or create digital video files from your tapes and return them to you exactly as they were.shutterstock_286353638


We ingest your digital files into your own customised Imagen video platform. The files are professionally catalogued and proxies generated.



You’ll find all your files online on a branded, secure web platform – ready to search, play, download, clip, manage & monetize.

Endemol Shine Sites

Supported Tape Formats:

  • Digital Betacam (aka “Digibeta”)
  • Betacam SX
  • Betacam SP
  • Betacam
  • HD CAM

With both high resolution and access copies available, you’re ready for the future and ready for business.

Staff and stakeholders can easily access your new digital library and customers can enjoy your revitalised media library through Imagen’s B2B licensing and B2C Subscription VOD features.

Global opinion among audio visual archives is that video that is not digitized in the next 10 years will likely be lost forever

Experts in media management and monetization

Ready to move from tape to digital and enjoy the benefits of powerful searching, online access, high speed distribution, long-term preservation and new revenue from their content?

As tapes continue to degrade, and with players and tape heads in shorter supply and storage space at a premium, it’s time to ensure your precious content is digitized and given a digital future.

Once on board, Imagen’s Enterprise Video Platform will give you full control over how your staff and customers access your media through a secure, highly customizable website. It also features powerful media management tools to help you organize and maintain your digital library – you can even add all your born digital files to the same platform, including documents, audio and image files.

You can monetize your video through B2B and B2C packages – create Subscription VOD or broadcast licensing platforms – Imagen will take secure payments, and pay directly to you.

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Download our exclusive guide to tape obsolescence and degradation. 

Service Description

  • Tapes Catalogued and Receipt Acknowledged
  • Barcoding applied if not already in place
  • Physical inspection of tapes
  • Digitisation to IMX50 for SD and DnxHD120 for HD
  • Additional/alternative formats on request
  • Spot check confirmation of video and audio quality/levels
  • Technical metadata embedded where possible
  • Digitisation summary report
  • Automated ingest to clients Imagen system

About Imagen

Imagen helps companies of all sizes and industries to preserve and navigate their ever growing media libraries. We provide secure video management solutions for a wide range of corporate & government clients including UK Defence. Watch this video to find out more about how Imagen Enterprise Video Platform gives media companies the platform to engage partners and customers through video more effectively.