Save your business time and money with Imagen’s secure and powerful content portal

Do you have any idea how much video your organisation generates?

In a department near you, someone is creating, Product videos, Explainer videos, Training videos, Promotional videos, Culture videos, Social media videos… the list goes on.

Where is it being stored? Is it easy to access company-wide, or is it lost or forgotten after initial use? Businesses have embraced video, but are starting to realise they are facing challenges around scale, security and access.

Imagen helps your business communicate and work more effectively through video

With Imagen you can

Prevent your organisation from losing control of it’s growing library of corporate media assets, ensuring valuable content is not lost or unplayable.

Provide centralised access to large libraries of HD video and corporate media assets through a branded, highly secure online platform.

Deliver new and existing content to engage and communicate with customers and internal teams in an easy to use, reliable and professional media portal

The imagen platform

Customise to fit your brand
Content available any time, on any device
Granular access control and permission policies
Store documents as well as video, images & audio
Secure high-speed file transfer
tag Pro cataloguing tools and speech-to-text
Powerful search & high-res previews
Browser-based clipping and downloads
Live Town Hall streaming and catch up

Imagen Turn corporate video into powerful assets

Connect your media assets with internal and external stakeholders – improve collaboration and corporate communications via our secure, easy to access platform.

Best-in-class media management tools protect your media, control access, remove bottlenecks and drive efficiencies across your entire organisation.

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BP Reuters Channel 4
Press Association BBC Ministry of Defence

We’ve been incredibly impressed with how easy the Imagen platform has been to implement.

Business Information Manager
Group Communications, BP