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media managers


Take full control of your valuable media library – from best-in-class ingest through to direct user payments and analysis of content consumption.


Imagen gives you great flexibility for adding content to your platform. Powerful media management tools help you on-board large amounts of new content or legacy archives in the shortest possible time.

  • Web browser based uploads and cataloguing
  • Import video, images, audio or documents
  • Batch or single file ingest uploads in one operation
  • Ingest live streams and store the complete file to your Imagen archive
  • Metadata entry during or post-ingest via web interface
  • Workflow selection for power users or auto selection for standard users
  • Dynamic metadata creation based on templates during batch upload
  • Secure, automated ingest via fully documented API
  • Add a wide range of timed text files for improved searching and navigation of video collections: (CSV, EVS, XML, SRT, VTT)


Imagen’s workflow component automates complex tasks to streamline business and technical processes. Workflows take care of storage, format conversion, notifications and file distribution.

  • Drag and drop interface for easy workflow construction
  • Video transcoding and image conversion to wide range of codecs & formats
  • Workflow modules/ extensions include – media retriever, payments timer, transcoder, converter etc.
  • Mute and fuzz parts of video and audio
  • Partial file restore avoids re-index/&re-transcode of master file for faster access to high resolution content
  • Automated scene detection for automated thumbnail generation and sequencing
  • Job monitoring interfaces, priority queues, job counts, logging and email notifications.
  • Automated media detection recognises media type and sends to appropriate workflow
  • Burn graphics or metadata into video and images
  • Set storage retention periods for your assets
  • Connect to multiple storage devices/locations for flexible architecture and local/geo-redundancy
  • Multi-channel audio transcoding
  • Face detection enables tagging of individuals


Imagen’s browser based database management interface makes it easy to create and modify your own db schema without any prior knowledge of SQL

  • Simple to use browser based schema management
  • Set up and manage new database fields in a few clicks
  • Create a wide range of field data types and limits (e.g. free text, date, drop down menus etc.)
  • Select fields for optimised indexing by Imagen search engine
  • Set permissions for editing fields
  • Specify default values for fields
  • Mapping tools for legacy data imports


Imagen is highly scalable and able to flex as your system grows with elastic bandwidth, storage and compute power available on demand.

  • Simple set up of Global Distribution Network for low latency access to large libraries of high resolution content across multiple locations
  • Automated backup of storage database with UMID references & configurable Geo-redundancy
  • Data migration service tools offer easy exports and ability to port large collections of media to new storage locations
  • Elastic system resources offering scalable bandwidth, storage and compute power – for any size system – simply dial up or down to suit demand


Imagen is highly scalable and able to flex as your system grows with elastic bandwidth, storage and compute power available on demand.

  • Fully documented REST API interface
  • Dropbox & OneDrive integration for unattended ingest of large media collections
  • OAuth and Webhooks for secure and rapid application development
  • Single sign-on
  • Publish media clips directly to social media channels

Access Controls

Granular permission and access controls enable administrators full control who can see your media and what they can do with it.

  • Set up individual and groups permissions and default access rights via browser-based management interface
  • Single Sign-on/LDAP/IDP authentication
  • Manage user accounts and passwords
  • Manage roles and responsibilities with granular permission sets
  • Enable access to single media items or content sets at group or individual level
  • Custom registration data fields, automatic or manual user validation
  • Ban or suspend users, geo-local limitations, comments moderation

Web Interface

Imagen Enterprise Video Platform gives businesses and organizations complete control over the way their content is accessed via a customizable web interface.

  • Multiple out-of-the-box themes or create your own themes through developer API
  • Multi-language support for automatic localisation
  • Range of configurable media view widgets included in your theme – media player, carousel, content grids, collection viewer etc.
  • Simple point and click controls to change logo and background images
  • Full menu management for optimised navigation
  • Create supporting web page content for your platform with Imagen’s WYSIWYG Content Management System
  • SEO support
  • Multi-select for batch media actions
  • Imagen Media Logger provides a grid-based annotation tool for quickly adding searchable annotations

System Analytics

Simple to use dashboards give you up to the minute information on platform performance and engagement rates, helping you to manage your media more effectively and improve the user experience.

  • Browser based access to system health dashboards and full event logs
  • Session activity
  • Google analytics integration; user demographics and traffic analysis
  • Most active users
  • Subscriber activity
  • Asset level reporting including storage analysis and consumption
  • Advanced User Intelligence dashboards for viewership insight and up to the minute information on engagement rates including:
  • Download and playback statistics
  • Drop off rates
  • Job monitoring for ingest and workflow actions

Imagen for

end users


Create the best possible experience for your audience with Imagen’s highly configurable web interface. Your customers will experience a fully branded, cutting-edge range of features for searching, streaming, clipping, collecting, and downloading media.


Powerful search and discovery tools and filters ensure users can locate specific parts of media content in seconds.

  • Faceted searching with result filters and sorting controls
  • Flexible results formatting – choose list, grid or dynamic page view
  • Advanced searches based on individual field query
  • Time-based metadata searches locates action on video timeline
  • Spatial annotations highlight areas within media
  • Saved searches for fast repeatable queries
  • Set custom image thumbnails for different file formats


Rich, responsive record pages provide a multitude of rapid navigation and playback options.

  • Video player – smooth playback and scrubbing across any device
  • Navigate longform video using zoomable timeline with annotations and frame thumbnails
  • Playback duration in seconds or timecode baseline
  • HLS dynamic streaming for optimised viewing and content protection
  • Annotations and subtitles search within video using descriptive data
  • Full screen toggle view, volume controls, seek bar
  • Time line indicators for positive hits within time based metadata – e.g. locate goals in football game
  • Audio selection from multiple streams

Edit & Download

High-speed end user tools enable permitted users to clip, share and download high-resolution media content.

  • Set edit points on video timeline to create and name unlimited clips
  • Generate clips for collections and playlists, sharing with other users and downloads
  • Set permissions for power users to edit and download high-resolution content
  • Partial File Restore for high-speed file processing
  • Dedicated segmentation tools allow admin level users to re-package and produce shorter, searchable media assets from long form content.
  • Accelerated File Downloads – high-speed delivery of high-resolution assets
  • Edit, Segmentation and Download permissions can be set for groups, individuals and applied at the asset level


Increase brand engagement by enabling users to share and discover original content or user-generated clips.

  • Embed content in third party websites, emails, blogs and presentations
  • Share content via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more
  • Add comments and appoint moderators to manage interaction
  • Automated email & RSS notifications to highlight newly added content

Content Monetisation

Generate revenue from your content through highly customisable subscription VOD packages or through a credit-based payment system.

  • Customisable Subscription VOD packages for B2C audiences
  • Credits based payment system for B2B licensing customers (pay for what you use)
  • Tiered content access – free and/or premium
  • Customisable pages for marketing your service
  • Enquiry forms for quick and easy content requests

User Accounts

Provide a personalised experience to individual users with user account pages and curated content suggestions.

  • Full account controls for end-users – password management, avatar creation, order history, billing etc.
  • Manage subscriptions, payment options and credit balance
  • Dedicated areas for content uploads, collections, clip orders and segments
  • Access controls for user-curated collections and content
  • Send email invitations to user-curated collections and content
  • Desktop notifications
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