Create subscription packages

Choose pricing, currency and billing intervals to suit your audience

Your customizable VOD channel

Maximise the reach of your brand and content via a customizable platform

Futureproof your archive

Best in class media management keeps your content safe for the long term

Video on demand screen

Build your own video on-demand channel with Imagen

With trusted and proven technology in media management, Imagen’s plug-and-play subscription features enable content owners to easily manage and monetize their content through a secure, branded platform.

Imagen is ready to take secure payment via credit card from your customers and the payment is made directly to you – the content owner. Just create your packages, set access levels, pricing and billing intervals.

Your users will be able to enjoy all your great video content – they will have complete control over their account, see billing history and even cancel their account at any time.

Create audience subscription tiers – e.g. Bronze, Silver, Gold

Customize for location, currency, and billing frequency

Subscribers pay online by credit card, you receive the revenue

One platform for archive and access

A scalable cloud based solution to build your online video channel and preserve your content with best practice video management tools

Promote your brand

Why host your content on third party websites? Create your own video channel and customise your platform to increase engagement with your brand.

Flexible subscription models

Offer trial periods, free samples and set up any combination of subscription tier with Imagen’s flexible payment architecture.

Secure online payments

Payment is made directly to your account through a secure gateway. Subscribers can change their billing card and are notified when their card expires.

Pricing and payment schedules

Full control of pricing and currency according to location. Customizable billing schedules take payments, weekly, monthly annually etc.

Manage subscriptions

Users can easily upgrade and downgrade between tiers or cancel their subscription at any time – maintaining access for the period they’ve paid for.