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Companies are now all too aware of the threat of cyber-attacks and are taking steps to protect their intellectual property, financial and personal data from the risk of unauthorised access and theft.

As video becomes the preferred method of communication, large volumes of media content now contain commercially sensitive information; product demos; CEO briefings, townhall meetings, private discussions and financial transactions as well as personally identifiable data such as interviews.

Media and Entertainment companies have escaped relatively unscathed: hackers have tended to attack financial institutions, governments or large corporations. But that’s starting to change. Some media organisations now experience several cyber-attacks daily.

It’s time for all types of businesses to take digital media security seriously – and treat it with the same care as any commercially sensitive or valuable data within their organisation.

Imagen stores all your content in secure data centres but still provides convenient access for the individuals and groups you trust. With a range of advanced security features, you can be sure that only the users with appropriate permission levels get to access and use your media.

Click here to view our handy security infographic to find out more about how Imagen keeps your content safe and secure while providing controlled access to your valuable media.

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The DPPs guide for anyone who wants to protect themselves or their media business from cyber attacks.

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Full specification for Imagen v6 including feature updates for Live Capture, Media Logging and Social Media Publishing.


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