Levelling the media playing field in sport

Can smaller sports organisations make the most of their content and engage fans without spending a big budget?

…YES they can!

Sports organisations large and small have a real opportunity to grow their sport by taking advantage of today’s affordable cloud technology. 

More content is being generated than ever before – but it needs managing. Sophisticated video management and distribution is no longer the preserve of top-tier sports with deep pockets. Thanks to cloud technology, smaller sports organisations can make more of the content at their disposal to: 

  • Build exposure and widely share the story of their sport through interviews, live and archive footage, and much more! 
  • Engage their fans, and reach new audiences wherever they are in the world  
  • But also: serve media and broadcast partners like the big clubs, and drive incremental revenues

…All with a fraction of the budget that was previously required!

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Topics covered

Satiating the growing demand among both consumers and distributors for sports video content is crucial for every rights holder, no matter their size or resources. Our white paper explores the opportunities offered by affordable cloud technology to sports organisations eager to bolster their international recognition and grow their fan base. We cover:

  • The growth of online sports consumption
  • Using video to stay relevant, protect your legacy and engage with fans
  • The rise of social video and how it helps strengthen emotional connections
  • How media hubs open up smart monetisation opportunities
  • How cloud technology can help smaller sport organisations to compete with the big guys

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Levelling The Playing Field

Imagen for Sports

Speed to market, choice and ease of access are critical to maximising the value of your content and its impact on your audience during key moments in your sporting calendar.

Imagen preserves your media for the future and connects your content with fans and commercial partners around the world – increasing ROI and unlocking the value in live, near-live and legacy video libraries.

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