Object Matrix

    Introducing Imagen & Object Matrix

    MatrixStore is a trusted and highly secure disk-based repository

    It sits transparently behind your Imagen workflows, archiving your digital assets and making them available for repurposing or revenue generation with little or no administrative effort.

    MatrixStore is a plug and play storage appliance that allows Imagen users to keep their digital information both available and protected.

    Imagen and MatrixStore offer a winning combination for production and preservation projects. Based on object storage technology, MatrixStore provides a secure, scalable repository for your Imagen archive while providing high speed access to content online via Imagen’s customisable web interface.

    MatrixStore provides a digital preservation platform that can rapidly scale to accomodate Imagen’s wide range of workflows and storage configurations, offering a full range of between deep archive and fast access for production teams.

    The combined Imagen and MatrixStore solution is ideal for:

    • Broadcasters and production companies wishing to create their own Netflix/programme catalogue/catchup TV service
    • Banks, utilities medical and legal agencies who need a secure media archive and access solution for compliance purposes
    • Media archives requiring a ‘future-proof’ preservation solution
    • Production teams requiring fast access to a shared media repository either onsite or online via a YouTube style interface
    • Police, local government or military organisations wishing to catalogue and distribute surveillance imagery


    • Highly secure storage and access platform with instant access to all content
    • Fully scalable capacity and performance
    • Resilient. Provides 99.999% data availability
    • Granular security controls offer fine levels of access over content and functionality
    • Future proof. Migrates data to new technology platforms
    • Open API for integration with 3rd part applications
    • Fast access to content accross a range of devices – stream online or download

    Scalable and Secure

    MatrixStore is used heavily in the creative video market, a market that requires resilient platforms that just work out of the box. MatrixStore provides a secure place to pro¬tect ALL your file-based content which has been ingtested or generated by Imagen. MatrixStore scales from 12TB to multiple Petabytes, enabling you to take full advantage of Imagen’s ability to scale as your archive grows.

    MatrixStore is a highly affordable disk-based solution for your Imagen Enterprise Video Platform system and can be configured to meet your organisations on-going pre-production, nearline or deep archive needs. Imagen and MatrixStore complements your existing storage infrastructure providing tools to easily move content where you need it, when you need it.

    MatrixStore protects the content added through your Imagen workflows at the highest levels. Every time data is stored in a MatrixStore vault the API generates a hash (digest, digital fingerprint) of the content. The two different places where the content is stored is checked, ensuring the content in MatrixStore is bit for bit authentic. Because MatrixStore keeps that digest as metadata it is able to automatically ensure the content on disk matches the digest kept with it. Forever.

    Your own Netflix/iPlayer/Youtube

    The scalability and power of the combined Imagen/MatrixStore solution can be utilised to create an online film/programme library (like Netlix) or a media sharing platform (like YouTube). Imagen’s themeable web interface enables full branding and content management to enable companies large and small the opportunity to have full control over the way their website looks.

    Download the data sheet for Object Matrix & Imagen