The Issue With Business Video

Video duplication, lost files, sharing issues, access issues and disparity.
You know the problems, and you’re not alone.

With managing video, there is a better way

If you’re thinking there must be a better way, you’re right; especially when we’re talking big volumes. In today’s world, no matter what the question, the answer always seems to be video. The production of video is simply proliferating faster than you think.

This presents us with an issue: how do we store and manage the assets that we work so hard to produce, making it easy to find and share them in the future?

Enter Imagen Media Centre. The online media management platform that allows you to store video, audio and other assets safely, in a way that is instantly shareable; whether that’s with a colleague down the corridor, or on the other side of the world.

Whether you use video for PR, marketing, training, compliance or production, this is the solution for you.

Why you need an enterprise video media centre

Take the first step and control of your video with online video platform designed for business. With Imagen Media Centre, you’ll be able to:

  • Find the video you need quickly and easily
  • Manage and track all your video content in one place
  • Enable access to any video, at any time, in any location across the globe
  • Future-proof video assets in standardised digital file formats
  • Free up server space and prevent video duplication
  • Deliver a better experience with your assets with a branded web-based portal
  • Control access and sharing permissions for every asset

Learn more about Imagen

By the end of 2018, 75% of workers at large organisations will interact with video more than three times daily. What else does the future of video have in store?

Learn about the key things to look out for when considering a move to a video management platform – both to satisfy your organisations’ needs now, and in the future.

Ready to see the platform in action? Request a tour in which you can pop the hood, have a play around and begin to understand how Imagen could transform your business.


Find out why leading media companies choose Imagen Media Centre to manage their media libraries and securely deliver their video to partners and customers around the world.

Used by global brands to manage their video

Ministry of Defence
Premier League
Press Association