We work with key technology partners around the world to provide our customers with innovative media archiving and customizable & secure video hosting solutions.

Scalable Cloud Platform

Microsoft Azure cloud storage and services for Imagen archives. Windows Azure can quickly scale up or down to match demand. It is consistent and reliable – with Windows Azure, you’ll share the same enterprise-tested platform that powers Skype, Office 365, Bing, and Xbox. Imagen gives you the tools to manage and publish videos, images and audio content – on your terms. You can customize, brand, share and search your media, connecting with your audience easily and securely.

DPP Member

The DPP (Digital Production Partnership) was established in 2010 by ITV, Channel 4 and the BBC. In April 2015 it became a not-for-profit organization which has been developed to provide guidelines and advice on procedures for production, technical standards, digital storage, compliance, metadata applications and production budgets. Imagen Ltd are proud to announce they are a member of the DPP, with our product Imagen EVP complying to all DPP standards. Find out more about the DPP here. For more information regarding our DPP membership, please contact

Enterprise Storage Solutions

Tiered storage solutions including data protection & big data management. Imagen is a highly scalable solution for managing and distributing audio-visual assets. If you are a broadcaster, a producer of video content, a media curator or simply own a collection of audio-visual material that you want to publish or aggregate, Imagen will give you a full set of tools to ingest, catalogue, transcode and distribute your content through a fully customizable web site.

Tape backup and archive

For long term archiving with scalability and reliability. The Spectra T950 presents an ultra reliable, automated and scalable tape library for your Imagen archive. The solution brings together the best in their class – Imagen Media Asset Management System and Spectra Logic’s leading LTO library. Imagen typically presents users with browse copies online via ImagenWeb’s searchable, branded interface while high resolution master files are written to tape.

Accelerated File Transfer

Software-only file transfer solution. Ultra-fast, secure, and reliable. FileCatalyst Direct is a point-to-point file transfer solution that works out of the box with your Imagen Enterprise Video Platform. Simply drop your media files in FileCatalyst’s Client ‘HotFolder’ to upload your files to Imagen. When the files arrive on the server, Imagen will automatically ingest the media, creating proxies & basic metadata records. Imagen can be configured to publish the files online immediately or restrict access for internal use only.

Xen Data

For small to medium video archives requiring tape backup. Non-proprietary and with a familiar windows interface, XenData’s Archive Series HSM software elegantly manages the data tapes for your Imagen Enterprise Video Platform. XenData6 Server takes control of the media in your Imagen Enterprise Video Platform system and writes your masters and originals to data tape or optical disk in a robotic library or drive for long term preservation.

Object Matrix

A trusted and highly secure disk-based repository. Imagen and MatrixStore offer a winning combination for production and preservation projects. Based on object storage technology, MatrixStore provides a secure, scalable repository for your Imagen archive while providing high speed access to content online via Imagen’s customizable web interface.