This is Planet Sport

Across parks, beaches and leisure centres, legions of sports fans around the world devote themselves to lesser known pursuits.

Within their country of origin some sports are national pastimes but have never managed to catch fire beyond the border. Others are creating a fresh spin on a classic game – with amazing results. It’s time to take a look at what you’re missing. This is Planet Sport.


From small clubs and federations to global super-leagues, Imagen preserves sports content for the long term and generates new revenue from legacy and near live content.

rugby imagen

Imagen stores, distributes and monetizes some of the world’s most valuable sports media.

B2B Licensing
Imagen gives content owners the platform to maximize the value of their video through clip sales and the sale of broadcast rights via a secure, customisable online video library.

Subscription VOD
Delight fans with Imagen’s built-in subscriptions feature. Create your own VOD platform with flexible payment packages and full insight into user engagement via an advanced analytics dashboard.

Long Term Preservation
Observing industry best practices in digital preservation and cataloguing, Imagen delivers a proven content archiving solution that protects your media for the long term and scales as your library grows.

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