Channel 4

Channel 4

Screenocean Ltd. are the exclusive clip sales agent for the UK’s Channel 4 programme archive, Shed Media Productions, the Digital Rights Group catalogue of programming, the RPM music performance and programme collection and the BP Video Library collection of historic and contemporary stock footage.

Screenocean use Imagen’s Orbital off-air recording and Enterprise Video Platform to create an automated digital workflow – from broadcast capture, to online clip research, through to fulfilment. With an archive of over 100,000 hours, much of which is on older tape formats, there is a drive to encode and ingest the media. Screenocean have workstations comprising a Sony J30 player and a Black Magic H264 encoder card and staff feed tapes into the system as part of their daily routine.

Once the file has been ingested, at the end of the day a member of staff logs-in to a remote desktop computer running the Imagen Digital Asset Management software and sends the files through an automated workflow. By the following morning, all of the tapes ingested from the day before have been transcoded to multiple formats, suitable for any mobile device or desktop PC, and are instantly available to view on the Screenocean website.

It would be impossible to keep up with the tape ingest using the avaialble resources considering the rate of new content coming in daily from Channel 4. The solution to this is the off-air recording facility. Screenocean use Orbital EVR (Enterprise Video Recorder) to record Channel 4, More 4 and E4 around the clock.


All of the programmes recorded are automatically transcoded and available for viewing on the Screenocean website within one hour of the finished broadcast. What’s more, the transcoding process developed by Cambridge Imaging Systems means that the subtitles and EPG data from the broadcast are captured and encoded with the video file as time-based searchable metadata.