Supplier of technical & broadcast services to the British horse racing industry chooses ImagenCloud as its video publishing platform for in-house use by its racecourse customers

RaceTech provides a unique range of technical and broadcast services to the horse racing industry, as well as the wider public and private sectors – from cameras and full broadcast services to building and maintaining the complete digital library of every horse race in the UK.

Their system needed to have a professional-looking front end, guarantee optimum security, and be quick to learn and deploy. The company required a secure content management and publishing system that would allow them to share media with their racecourse clients, including clips and edits from racecourse TV to demonstrate what is possible and how it can add to the racecourse experience, as a showcase for RaceTech’s facilities and capabilities.

What we provided:

RaceTech’s project was a relatively straight forward one, and a great example of how ImagenCloud can be used straight out of the box and customised to fit your own needs, with minimum reliance on our technical services. RaceTech now operate on a 100GB a month ImagenCloud plan and they have, through the intuitive WYSIWYG interface, how-to guides, and RaceTech’s own skills, fully exploited some of the embedded features within the product to realise their original vision, including creating their own theme design.

The completed platform currently holds around 30 high quality videos including race day highlights, visual graphics and animations, and even drone footage.

“We chose ImagenCloud because it allows us to provide a customised, branded experience to our racecourse clients. It was incredibly easy to set up – we took the system from vanilla to the RaceTech brand in just a few hours – and it’s easy for our clients to login, search and stream content, whether on their laptops, tablets or smart phones.”

Mark Johnson, Head of Engineering at RaceTech