Introducing Imagen & Quantum 

    A scalable end-to-end solution

    For content owners who need to store, catalogue and distribute media via a branded, feature rich web interface. Behind the scenes, powerful workflow tools automate ingest and connect to Quantum’s broad range of video storage platforms.

    It’s a ‘secure YouTube’, a ‘brandable Netflix’, a ‘video WordPress’. It’s all of these and more.

    Imagen is a highly scalable solution for managing and distributing audio-visual assets. If you are a broadcaster, a producer of video content, a media curator or simply own a collection of audio-visual material that you want to publish or aggregate, Imagen will give you a full set of tools to ingest, catalogue, transcode and distribute your content through a fully customizable web site.

    A collaborative solution

    Quantum and Imagen delivers the one Enterprise Video Platform that can do it all. An end to end solution to store your originals, create multiple versions and then deliver content to your customers in your own branded web delivery platform. When connected to Quantum’s StorNext File System, production staff can enjoy lightning fast access to high resolution originals while your customers can depend on web based delivery of proxies via Imagen’s public web interface. Imagen can be used as a VOD player, a clip sales business platform, a catch-up TV solution, or a public archive for Galleries and Museums.

    Imagen’s workflow tools make file ingest easy and ensure that your precious assets are stored and catalogued using best practice MAM principles which have been refined during fifteen years of product development. Create as many workflows as you need with the drag and drop Workflow Editor to suit your operational requirements. At the heart of the system, Imagen’s powerful transcoder engine converts your high resolution masters to a wide range of A/V codecs and container formats for delivery across multiple devices.formats for delivery across multiple devices.

    Sourcing and maintaining rich, descriptive metadata is the key to making sure your customers can find what they’re looking for. Database schemas are customisable and can be configured to suit your preferred metadata standard (DPP, Dublin Core, LOM, PB Core etc.). Imagen automates metadata creation wherever possible, and can even extract EPG data and subtitle information from broadcast TV streams so that the media is associated with rich (and free) searchable metadata.

    The combined Imagen & Quantum StorNext solution is ideal for:

    • Broadcasters and production companies wishing to create their own Netflix/programme catalogue/catchup TV service
    • Banks, utilities medical and legal agencies who need a secure media archive and access solution for compliance purposes
    • Media archives requiring a ‘future-proof’ preservation solution
    • Production teams requiring fast access to a shared media repository either onsite or online via a YouTube style interface
    • Police, local government or military organisations wishing to catalogue and distribute surveillance imagery


    • Comprehensive solution for archiving and publishing online
    • Software and hardware architectures both highly scalable and configurable
    • Multi-tier storage archives automatically moves data between disk and tape resources to reduce costs
    • Granular security controls offer fine levels of access over content and functionality
    • Continuous policy based data integrity checks
    • Slot based pricing model means economic upgrade path for future data migration

    Security is Paramount

    Imagen was originally developed to manage and distribute assets for the UKs Ministry of Defence – and is still in use today protecting, storing and providing secure access for millions of classified media assets. Imagen’s comprehensive access controls allows you easily manage permission levels for users and groups.

    The crowning glory of Imagen is its web interface which allows businesses and organisations to have complete control over the way their content is displayed in their own content managed website. Your end users will experience a cutting edge range of features for searching, playing back video, clipping, collecting and downloading, with access levels that you control. Administrators can upload media, edit metadata and make changes to website content.

    Imagen is a tool of mass communication, and offers many features commonly associated with social media including comments, onscreen tagging, embedding and sharing via third party channels. When your media goes viral via Imagen, Quantum’s StorNext is ready to deliver on its promise and cope with the extra demand.

    An Integrated Solution For Ingest, Archive And Web Delivery

    Imagen is a distributed solution which means that all major process points (transcoding, database, storage) are spread across the available infrastructure. This ensures that resources can be managed and scaled efficiently. Imagen’s structured storage management system includes support for Quantum’s StorNext Q-Series disk and all leading third-party IT storage providers.

    StorNext Storage Manager can tier data to disk, NAS, Object Storage, and tape tiers including Quantum’s own StorNext AEL Archives and Lattus Object Storage platform.

    Retrieving high resolution masters is made easy through Imagen —which has been integrated with StorNext APIs. The StorNext AEL Archives integrate Quantum hardware and software to deliver a reliable, self-monitoring and self-healing, high-capacity archive intended for the long-term storage of near-line content. Quantum is the only vendor in the industry that offers the integration of a tape library and policy-based tape data integrity checking, giving customers the additional assurance of knowing that the data on their tapes is being tested and validated on a continuous and ongoing basis. And the unique slot-based pricing model preserves your investment—effectively doubling your capacity with no additional software license fees when moving from LTO-5 to future LTO-6 tape standard technology.

    Download the data sheet for Imagen & Quantum