Do you need to hire a digital asset manager?

When the world entered the digital age, a lot of media assets missed the boat. Stuck in an analogue wasteland, these records needed to be transformed into a digital format and stored in an accessible repository. Digital Asset Management (DAM) software, such as our Imagen Enterprise Video Platform, does most of the heavy lifting. ImagenRead more

When it comes to branding – consistency is key

A brand sets your business apart from your competitors. It is the foundation of your company’s reputation and directly influences buying decisions. Well-managed brands are quickly accessible, consistent brands. Unfortunately, it’s easy to overlook brand consistency in today’s world of multiple media outlets and the plethora of marketing materials available to promote your business. ThereRead more

Cloud archiving – is it for you?

A few years ago, ‘clouds’ were just fluffy things in the sky that rain came out of. And although they’re still that, when we talk about cloud these days we often mean something entirely different – systems and software that no longer lives on our desks, in our server rooms or on our networks butRead more