Video collaboration

Video: the key to collaboration

For most people in the oil and gas sector, collaboration is very much top of mind these days. Is this the silver bullet that will allow us to become competitive again? How do we define collaboration? It helps to look at the BS 11000 Framework, which should become the ISO 11000 process shortly: The BSRead more

The Cloud of Christmas Future

Firstly, happy new year! I hope that Santa was good to you? He was to me, bringing me tickets to see Jim Broadbent play Ebenezer Scrooge in Dicken’s ‘A Christmas Carol’. You will probably know the story. Scrooge goes through a transformation like no other. Mending his selfish ways in favour of using his wealthRead more

Vlog: What’s new in Imagen 3.7 – Part 2

With the release of Imagen 3.7, we've put together a two-part video blog to take you through some of the great new features in Imagen. In Part 2 below, we focus on some of the new user experience features.   Missed part 1? Catch up on part 1 of our Imagen 3.7 video blog here. For detailsRead more

Is your business ready for video?

The pace at which online video is growing as a medium is staggering. Cisco predicts that more than 80% of all mobile traffic will be video-based by 2019, and it is already fast becoming the go-to method for reaching consumers. If you want to replace the oil in your car, use new software, or bakeRead more

Vlog: What’s new in Imagen 3.7 – Part 1

With the release of Imagen 3.7, we've put together a two-part video blog to take you through some of the great new features in Imagen. In Part 1 below, we focus on the most exciting new feature; subscriptions. Looking for Part 2? Find out more about Imagen 3.7 here. For details of other great features and attributes,Read more

Do you need to hire a digital asset manager?

When the world entered the digital age, a lot of media assets missed the boat. Stuck in an analogue wasteland, these records needed to be transformed into a digital format and stored in an accessible repository. Digital Asset Management (DAM) software, such as our Imagen Enterprise Video Platform, does most of the heavy lifting. ImagenRead more

Imagen Community Network Event 2015

2015 continues to be a landmark year for Imagen Ltd (formerly Cambridge Imaging Systems). With a new chairman, a new brand, and a new website, we decided to bring together everyone in the Imagen ecosystem and host a Community Network Event. From partners to re-sellers, we wanted to provide an evening where Imagen users couldRead more

How to ‘people proof’ your cloud

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video formats

Top 10 video formats

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Vlog: DAM, PAM, MAM – what are the differences?

In our first video blog, we help to demystify the differences between DAM (Digital Asset Management), PAM (Production Asset Management), and MAM (Media Asset Management) systems; three frequently used acronyms that are regularly referenced in media for business.