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    Domain Name Registration – Terms and Conditions


    – We reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time without notice.

    – Your customer account is for your own personal use only. You agree not to tell others your usename and password, and you will take reasonable precautions to protect your username and password from others.

    – You agree not to use your account (or domain names purchased via Imagen Ltd) in connection with any unsolicited bulk e-mailing, or any unlawful activity.

    – You agree not to register or to attempt to register a domain name which is known, or could be reasonably assumed, to be subject to a trade mark owned by another company.

    – We reserve the right to cancel your customer account at any time without giving notice or reason.

    – We will not be liable for losses or damages – either direct or consequential – as a result of your use of this service, neither will be liable for losses or damages howsoever caused by performance, errors, unavailablity or withdrawal of the services offered herein.

    – By accessing your personal customer account you are indicating acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

    – By purchasing a domain name from this site, you are indicating the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and Domain Dispute Resolution Policy of the relevant domain name authority as published on thier web sites and as amended from time to time.

    – We will make our best efforts to contact both the customer and the Admin contact to remind them about the upcoming renewal of a domain name. This includes reminders via EMail, Fax and SMS. However we cannot be held liable for the non-reciept of said reminders. In cases were we hold valid and current credit card details, and a renewal has not been explicitly cancelled, we will attempt to automatically renew a domain name on or shortly after its expiration date.

    – Pricing

    Transfer Domain – £69.99

    Register Domain £34.99