A report by Cass Business School in association with Imagen

Video is changing everything - including the way we do business. Is UK PLC ready for video? Find out with this groundbreaking study.

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The Future of Video – Included in this exclusive report:

  • How video is changing the way we communicate, work and play – what does this mean for society and commerce?
  • The concerns of small and large businesses – how will they adapt to take advantage of video for communication and operations.
  • The wave of new video technologies which are set to transform our lives. Is the infrastructure in place to enable this revolution?
  • How video has democratised communication but is leaving a dangerous digital footprint – for individuals and businesses.

The Future of Video - by Cass Business School in association with Imagen

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Are UK Businesses ready for the Golden Age of Video?

At the end of 2015 CEO and Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg claimed that we are entering ‘the golden age of video’. Findings from a landmark piece of research by Professor Feng Li of Cass Business school in association with Imagen support this view, with clear indications that video will dominate internet usage in the years to come, with it increasingly being adopted not only by individuals, but importantly also by businesses. Topics addressed in the report include:

The Digital Transformation of Video

  • Production
  • Distribution
  • Consumption
  • Archiving & Collection Management
  • Business implications

The Changing Directions of Video

  • On demand and non-linear, but linear programmed TV still dominates
  • Social and participative
  • Mobile and ubiquitous
  • Interactive and personalised, but slow progress
  • Virtual and immersive
  • Summary

Business Use of Video

  • Marketing and communication
  • Video-based operations and new business processes


  • Managing appropriate use of video and video etiquette
  • ‘Public witnessing’ and the changing notions of privacy and truth
  • Rights Infringement and Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  • Corporate IT infrastructure

Survey of Business Use of Video in the UK

  • Importance of video
  • Power of video
  • Keeping up with competition
  • Security concerns and experience
  • Impact of security breachese
  • Driving video usage by organisations
  • What is holding back video usage
  • The future

Survey of Business Use of Video in the UK

Survey of Business Use of Video in the UK

Alongside the review on the future of video, a questionnaire survey was designed and conducted by FTI Strategy Consulting & Research in December 2015 on the future business use of video in the UK.

The survey received 1,105 completed questionnaires from managers and above in SME and large privately owned or publicly listed companies across the UK.

The Future of Video
Report by Professor Feng LI

Chair of Information Management
BSc (Hons), PhD, Fellow of British Academy of Management (FBAM)

Professor Feng Li

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