Is the future for content owners exciting or terrifying?

This years’ Imagen Tech Summit looked at the underlying trends and forces which are set to create turbulence for media companies.

Shifting media economics, fickle audiences and the influence of new technology are creating a perfect storm for content producers and broadcasters. Can they rely on their present market position or do they need to form strategic partnerships to counter the threat from the new digital platforms?

Maybe the future looks brighter for the consumer? Technology will be key to developing new relationships with an increasingly demanding and fragmenting audience.

And then there’s a new generation of video creators who are carving out their own exciting space and attracting a global audience. User Generated Content may have started as a DIY phenomenon, it’s quickly becoming the mainstream – all without the help or consent of traditional broadcast networks.

We brought together three key industry experts to give you their opinions and predictions.  If you missed the event,  download the slide deck to get up to speed on a brave new world of video.

Download the exclusive Future of Video slide deck (PDF) now.

Guest Speakers

Mark Harrison
Managing Director DPP

DPP Predictions Report 2019

Drawn from a group of experts working across the media supply chain, the annual DPP Predictions report is the essential guide that tracks the trends and builds a fascinating picture of the themes and challenges that are set to dominate the industry this year.

Liam Chivers
Director, OP Talent

The Modern Mainstream?

Responsible for billions of video views and millions of dedicated fans, Op Talent developed a coterie of once unknown individuals into mainstream personalities. Liam looks at the impact of user generated content, YouTubers and their disruptive influence across modern mainstream media.

Neal Romanek
Editor, Feed Magazine

Repairing the Customer Relationship

If media companies are to survive they need to rethink how they are treating the viewer. The future of the media and entertainment industry doesn’t depend on technology, it depends on partnerships with the customer.