Global opinion among audio visual archives is that video that
is not digitized in the next 10 years will likely be lost forever

Global opinion among audio visual archives is that video that is not digitized in the next 10 years will likely be lost forever

Time is running out for tape

PrestoSpace reports that of the prestigious broadcast archives surveyed, 70% have tapes that are either obsolete, deteriorating or perilously fragile. Which means these content owners will soon be running to preserve their video legacies. When that happens, the race will be on for managers of those smaller collections locked away in production companies, sporting institutions and private archives to do the same because there simply aren’t enough playback machines to handle such large-scale digitization.

All 20th century tape based formats have a finite lifespan

All 20th century tape based formats have a finite lifespan, meaning that your window of access grows ever narrower. We no longer have the expertise or spare parts to maintain obsolete playback systems. If you don’t have specialist expertise at your fingertips, or an imminent preservation strategy, the future looks pretty precarious for your videos.

Imagen’s Content Onboarding Services

Imagen now offers a suite of professional tape digitization and onboarding services designed to rescue your precious content and ensure your valuable media libraries are organized, easily accessible and ready for a digital future with a long term preservation strategy in place.

Once onboard, staff and stakeholders can easily access your new digital library and you’re ready to start generating revenue from your revitalized media library through Imagen’s B2B licensing and B2C Subscription VOD features.

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You’ve already invested in the production, collection, storage and preservation of your tape archives. Why stop there?

Digitize now and realize the value of your tape library with Imagen

Bringing your content to life through digitization repays the time and cost – many times over. From storage and maintenance savings, to many opportunities to generate new revenue.

By acting swiftly, digitization gives you a huge advantage over your competitors by saving time and resources, reducing costs, protecting against disasters and, by preserving indefinitely, peace of mind.

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Imagen removes the headache (and cost) of digitizing your video tapes, while helping you create a more profitable business

Long Term Preservation

Best in class digital preservation and online access for video, images and audio. Open up your archive and connect your content with your audience.

Searchable & Customizable

Elegant and intuitive web interfaces for easy search and retrieval via a branded website. Play, edit, download and share your media.

Save Time & Resources

No need to waste time retrieving tapes. Simply find and download files at the click of a button.

Monetize your media

Easy to configure Subscription VOD and B2B licensing features enable content owners to generate revenue through a secure, branded platform.

Controlled Access

Customers, staff, public or private, Imagen gives you full control over who can access your content and what they can do with it.

Reduce Storage Costs

Dramatically cut physical storage and retrieval fees, with the knowledge that your content is safely stored in the cloud.