Help your customers extract more value from their media
and increase brand coverage

Give your clients the edge over their competition through easy self-serve access to corporate media assets – for all types of stakeholders across media, press, investors, agencies, internal operations, supply chain and alliance partners, through to sharing on social media to reach a consumer audience.


“Imagen has transformed the way we manage, access and share our media with internal and external customers.” 
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Easy access and greater choice for journalists and broadcasters

Imagen provides more choice of HD content and a superior search, edit and download experience for newsrooms around the world.

Tell your customers’ story through video more effectively

Champion their culture, humanize their company and bring the story of a brand to life with more journalistic content.

Help clients beat the competition and increase brand coverage

Journalists working against a deadline are more likely to feature brands which offer easy access to a full range of rich content.

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Imagen is trusted by leading brands to manage, distribute and monetize their media.