Unlock the power of your video archive

Imagen gives organisations the platform to engage their congregation through video more effectively. This ensures fast, easy, secure and controlled access to content through a highly-customizable site. Our goal is to help you unlock the value of your video archive and equip pastors, teachers and leaders for more effective ministries.

“Imagen’s out of the box solution was perfect for us as it provided the flexibility for the library to grow. It also cut down costs significantly.”

Brett Huckins,

Executive Director of Technology at Gateway Church


The best experience for your flock

Powerful search

Find any videos and moments in videos in seconds, through a smart, branded online interface.

Available on any device

Optimized for access across PCs, tablets and smart phones – plus uploads from mobile devices.

Increased engagement

Interactive functionality including tagging, messaging, and ability to share content through third party channels.

Clips and collections

Make edits to video, download clips, mark up with annotations, create collections and share with your flock.

Imagen for Media Managers

Controlled access

Imagen’s user management tools give you full control over who can see your media and what they can do with it.

Preserve and protect

Imagen gives you best in class secure video management for long term preservation of your media assets.

Customisable website

Powerful design and content management features enable you to easily customize your web interface.

Rapid deployment

Ready to go in just minutes and infinitely scalable – with system options to suit all budgets.


Imagen offers an innovative subscription platform that can be further customized to suit its clients’ requirements. Best in class archiving, workflow and cataloguing tools provide a scalable, future-proof video management solution for your ministry. Imagen keeps your media safe for the long term, engages your congregation and maximizes the full value of your video.