Update v5.2

Imagen v5.2 Update

Imagen v5 breaks the video barrier – delivering an optimized experience for content owners who need to professionally manage their media and adapt to the demands of the marketplace more quickly.

Imagen 5.2 Update delivers an optimised user experience with the focus on improved navigation of long form content – including audio. For media managers, our Media Logger allows cataloguers to add a range rich metadata to video content with a simple one click keyword grid.

See v5.2 in action

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New in 5.2

New video player

Our fresh new desktop browser player looks great and is easy to customize. It’s full of great new features including dual time code mode, flip out volume control, thumbnail preview seeking and much more.

Toggle between elapsed time or professional timecode view

Expandable volume control – settings remembered per user

Thumbnail previews on the seek bar for faster browsing

Keyboard shortcuts for power users and professionals

Fast foward (x2, x4) and slow motion (x0.5, x 0.25 and 0.125) seeking

Interactive timeline

Imagen 5.2’s new interactive timeline gives you greater control when seeking through video with a zoomable timeline to preview the action in detail – frame by frame – even if the media is several hours long. Once zoomed, the user can pan back and forth – this makes creating frame accurate clips quick and easy.

The timeline also displays annotation elements – such as emojis, chapter titles and participants – creating a highly visual, intuitive and enjoyable way to navigate large volumes of video data.

Interactive timeline synchonrizes with the main player

Use onscreen controls or mouse wheel to zoom into the video timeline

Timeline contains chapters, emojis and participants from annotations

Thumbnail and waveform representation on timeline for rapid navigation

Multi stream audio selection and previews

Imagen 5.2 helps users visualise audio content by producing a waveform representation of the audio file – it’s now much easier to identify and navigate between silience, beats and music. The new player also enables users to switch between multiple audio tracks – for seamless switching between language options.

Multiple language options easily accesible from the player

No effect on picture when toggling between audio streams

Only streams the audio track requested to minimise bandwidth

Waveform preview makes it easier to detect dialogue, music, silence etc.

Media Logging

Imagen Media Logger (IML for short) is a great new tool that makes the process of creating consistent, high-quality annotations simple and fast. Simply click or tap away on a grid of pre-defined keywords, emojis, chapters phrases and participants to generate rich, searchable metadata at lightening speed.

Logging uses a pre-defined grid of keywords or phrases which can be customised and arranged and saved as layouts. Imagen Media Logger ships with a range of example grids to get you started.

EVS IPDirector grids can be imported directly into Imagen for pro sports video logging.

Extended annotations

Add spatial annotations to images without affecting the master image

Keyboard shortcuts for rapid entry of annotation data

Shortcodes for 1400 emoticons for visual time line logging

Colour code annotation types to aid recognition

Annotations have been a core feature within Imagen since version 1 – giving content owners the ability to add rich time based metadata to long form video to improve searchability. In version 5.2 we extend annotations significantly, allowing power users to add spatial annotations to mark out areas on images – or to ‘fuzz out ‘sections which don’t have rights clearance.

With video files it’s now even easier to add chapters – allowing content owners to break up their long form content into a logical sequence. You can now also add actor/player names to the timeline using the brand new Participant field.

With additional support for short text codes which insert a wide range of emoticons to bring a visual appeal to the timeline, Annotations in 5.2 represents a huge leap in the way rich metadata can be applied to media quickly and easily to improve discoverability and navigation.

For Media Managers

Workflow Editor Update

Our workflow editor was always powerful – helping media managers automate ingest, transcoding and storage – and now it’s even easier to use. Our image conversion plugin update allows you to prepare complex workflows with just a few clicks.

New Themes

Choose from a wider range of great looking stock themes in Imagen 5.2. Our responsive, out of the box themes are now available with options to display at full width on desktop for that widescreen look that makes your content look fantastic.

Enquiry Form Templates

Such a simple thing, but an essential part of managing a video library. The customisable form is just a click away in 5.2 and easily added to any collection. Users can now contact admins, sales or licensing teams with minimal set up.

About Imagen

Imagen helps companies of all sizes and industries to preserve and navigate their ever growing media libraries. We provide secure video management solutions for a wide range of corporate & government clients including UK Defence. Watch this video to find out more about how Imagen Content Portal gives businesses the platform to engage their partners and customers through video more effectively.